A Bit Of A Let Down

Things are certainly winding down for Christmas. I thought both the greyhound and horse place markets were terrible today, not that I did a huge amount. I added a few pounds to the pot, but this afternoon was a waste of time as far as trading was concerned.

I had expected to profit from a couple of free bets from JenningsBet and Boylesport. Unfortunately, I hadn't qualified for my next free £50 installment from the latter. For some reason I had been thinking that I had to do 4 bets before I got another freebie. In actual fact, it's 5, so I should get a £50 free bet added to my account tomorrow.

So today's profit is made up of £24 thanks to the free bet from JenningsBet. Unfortunately I lost £5 on a straight punt on Getafe as I expected them to dispose of lowly Osasuna. Having been stuffed 5-2, I clearly couldn't have got that more wrong. The meager £7.50 I made trading this afternoon compensated for that though.

Still, having broken my weekly records last week, I've done it again this week. For the first time, I've won more than £300 in a week. £327.48 to be precise.

I doubt that I'll get much trading done from now until boxing day. I'll be at a client's tomorrow, so I'll see what the dog markets are like in the evening. I suspect, I might as well start winding down myself.

I've a few more free bets to sort out so I may just concentrate on that, but don't expect many updates over the next few days. All depends on how I feel.

In the meantime, Season's Greetings to you all.


Drifter said...

Well Done on your excellent year so far Alistair. Lets hope you increase your bank by 30000% next year!

Let me know how the ladder is on Betdaq.

Have a great Christmas


Alistair said...

Yes, 30000% increase on my current back would be jolly nice. The premium charge would be pretty hefty though!

At least the new ladder on Betdaq Trader gives me another option. I don't know when I'll find the time to learn it, if I'm busy making money elsewhere.

Enjoy the festivities.