Boxing Day Dabble

Lot's of sport on today to tempt anyone wanting a bit of light relief from the festivities. I decided to mainly stick with the dogs since they have been so good to me recently.

The card was actually quit sparse after the morning session so I eventually switched to the horse win markets and played around with the Betdaq Trader software and it's ladder interface. Just playing to small stakes which is fortunate as I lost all the races I entered - only pennies each time though so no harm done.

I also carried on doing some matched betting. Specifically, the qualifying bets at 888sport and Boylesport. I qualified for a free £15 bet at the former, but annoyingly, it wouldn't let me place it. Every time I tried to submit the bet slip, I would get a message saying the odds were being refreshed.

So, as usual, the greyhounds carried the day, making me over £16 in a couple of hours. I lost £1 on the nags and made £0.34 in qualifying matched bets. I finished around 2:30 so happy with that as I'm edging closer to the £800 mark for the month. Hopefully, I'll clear that this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great Christmas mate - well done on your progress and I am sure you will break through the £800 mark before the month is out - looks like you will be beating me this month after I take account of the Premium Charge!!!

Well done and long may it continue in 2009!


Alistair said...

Cheers Leon.

Not far to go now, helped by some more matched betting. So it should be a good end to the year.

All the best for 2009 to you.