Coming Along, With A Struggle

As it's been a long day, I'll just give a quick update regarding today's trading before turning in.

I returned a reasonable profit today of just over £30, but it was not an easy day trading. Certainly not as easy as I have found it over the past fortnight. My trading was littered with too many mistakes, surprise turnarounds and circumstances beyond my control.

From the first greyhound race at 11:03 this morning until I finished just after 21:00, I traded in an inconsistent fashion. Just as I thought I was getting somewhere, I'd have a setback which would then take me a while to recover from. None more so, than in the 16:37 from Monmore and the following race at Swindon. Both times I was trading the favourite when I huge sum of money appeared on the opposite side of the market at higher odds and sweeping up my trade as it appeared. I lost £9 over those two races - some 30% of the profit I had built up.

No sooner had I recovered all of that when, in the first race at Wimbledon, Just after submitting my back bet, the dogs jumped 30 secs early and the market was suspended. Needless to say, the dog came second and I lost. Fortunately, before the suspension, only £4.21 of my £38 stake was matched so the damage was limited. I've never seen a dog race jump so early and I would have been very pissed off if all my money had been matched.

This of course made me rather wary of the dogs for the rest of the evening, particularly those at Wimbledon. Still, with the help of the evening place markets at Wolverhampton, I managed to get myself up to £30 profit.

In all I entered 60 greyhound races today, earning £40 in profitable trades. Unfortunately, the 10 losing races I had accounted for £18 of that. Very annoying, but at least it was still a profit.

I didn't fair particularly well in the horse place markets, especially in the afternoon. However, things picked up in the evening, partly because I increased my stakes and went looking for less ticks than normal. I traded 12 races today with only 2 losers. It is a shame that those losers accounted for some 35% of my profit.

So, a pretty tough day, but I'll settle for £30/day.

As we move into the weekend, I'll have a number of matched bets on the soccer coming to fruition tomorrow which will give me a few free bets to use up on Sunday. That in itself means that the weekend should be pretty successful. Indeed, looking at my records, this weekend should see me go through the £3000 mark.

A significant result, having started with only £10 back in February.


leonthefixer said...

I saw those big amount scome in on the dogs - thankfully I only got cauught by one of them! Do you not listen to the Will Hill radio commentry as they are on the whole very good at letting you know when the dogs are about to start running?

Hope you break through the £3,000 this weekend - quite a milestone, perhaps you will break through the £600 mark for the month and maybe even the £700 mark before the year is out????

Good Luck!!!

Hunter said...

hey Al! I think the early start in Wimbledon is a 1 off case. So far I've never encounter any premature start to the UK dogs races. Thank god not all was matched. And regarding the unusual large amount of money sweeping the odds, I've seen it happened many times. Its 1 of the reason why I stopped using my spreadsheet for auto-trading. The lost is too large to cover all my small profits. Maybe its insider betting? Or maybe its 1 of the big bookmakers trying to balance their book? Anyway your whole trading story since Feb is a big inspiration for me. I can safely say your success story is bigger and better than those "1k-100k" stories.

Alistair said...

"bigger and better"

If only my ex-wife thought the same! LOL!

Hi guys and thanks very much for the comments.

I was listening to WH Radio at the time, but there was so many races on the go last night they came to it late. As usual, I had my mobile countdown timer on, which goes off 60secs beforehand and beep for 30secs. It was still beeping when the market suspended.

Not to worry, a lucky escape with not too much damage.

I've seen those big amounts coming in in the past, but not for a wee while. I should have been more cautious on the second race. I learned my lesson though and used it to my advantage on the next to claw some of my losses back.

I'm particularly vulnerable to these sums coming in to lay as I prefer backing first. For what ever reason, I can see shortening prices easier than lengthening ones.

I should get through the £3000 barrier today. I only need £25 and I've already guaranteed myself £18 thanks to a free bet on the soccer. If not, I've a few free bets to claim for tomorrow.

Thanks again chaps.