The Hare Is On The Move

After posting yesterday's results I realised that, given some decent trading, there was a strong possibility that I might reach the £900 before the end of the month. With this in mind, I went into today's trading with no small amount of excitement.

I knew that I was going to miss the best part of the day - after the horse racing was finished up to around 6:00pm. So the plan was to concentrate on the dogs and simply try and put myself within striking distance so that I would give myself a decent chance in tomorrow's trading. I didn't, for one minute, imagine I'd nearly reach the £900 target today. But that's what I did.

The morning card went very well, and by the time it had finished, I'd made a fraction under £30 in three hours. Then things seemed to grind to a halt.

I was only able to get involved in the first 90 mins of the afternoon card before I had to leave, but I only made £3. It wasn't a problem of losing trades. I simply wasn't getting on anything. I let so many races go by because I just didn't like the look of them. Very frustrating.

Still, £32 before my enforced break - that on it's own gave me a good chance for tomorrow. But I also knew that historically, the Monday evening dogs have been good to me. And so it proved when I rejoined the fray after 6:00pm.

To cut a long story short, I made another £31 and came within a gnat's ba' hair of hitting the £900 mark with today's effort.

Granted, I had a lucky escape when I got caught in the 20:31 at Romford as it jumped a little early. Unusually, I'd laid first rather then my normal back first. Fortunately, the dog lost and I won £7. Mind you, a little later I had a couple of losers which were by far the worst of the day and added up to roughly £7. So what goes around comes around as they say.

I traded a total of 67 races today, I lost on only 12 at a total cost of £9.79, though most of those were losses of 50 pence or less. So again, I hit around that magic number of £1/race or £10/hr. Next year I must work on ways of increasing that as only an extra few pence per race would have a dramatic effect.

So, I go into tomorrow's sessions knowing that a little over £7.00 will see me pass £900 for the month. Here's hoping the hare will continue to move, if only for a little while, and see me past the post.


Anonymous said...

Well done mate - you are going from strength to strength this month!!!

Looking forward to reading the last few updates of the year, shame about the free bet you have been barred from.

I Think your new years resolution is sorted out - just carry on with what you have done in December :)

Good luck on breaking the 900 mark!


Alistair said...

All done and dusted Leon. Thanks.

Have a good New Year. I'm taking a much needed break.