It's Getting Better All The Time

Saturday! The day I often struggle and the day I've come to take it easy. Yet today has been a significant day for a number of reasons.

I'd already guaranteed myself a £20 profit thanks to some matched betting via Totesport. This was the only involvement in the football matches today as most of my Betdaq account was taken up with other matched bets I'd done earlier in the week.

With football out of the way, my day was freed up to concentrate on trading, but given my past history on this day of the week, I took things easy and only got involved in a limited number of markets - compared to the usual.

I did 34 greyhound races building up a profit of £29.65. I only lost on two of those races at a cost of £2.57, but I did scratch a lot more than I would have liked. Still, a very pleasing performance.

Similarly, the horse place markets went reasonably well with 3 losers out of 19 markets at a cost of £5.74. I carried on with my increased stakes as I had done yesterday and was quite comfortable with what I was doing as I built up a profit of £15.12.

So a very good day, with a total of £64.75 added to the pot. This now takes my running total through the £600 barrier for the month - a figure I still can't quite believe. I've now earned more this month, than the last two months combined.

More significantly, I've now gone through the £3000 mark, which represents an increase of 30,000% from my £10 starting position. The graph below clearly illustrates my progress, with the sharp increase in profit thanks to the past 2-3 weeks, plain to see.

Obviously it is great to have reached this landmark. However, this month has been so good, I'm determined to make it better. The next target is £700. To be honest, this shouldn't be that difficult.

For starters, I've got a £50 and a £30 in free bets coming tomorrow or Monday. Depending on odds, I should be able to guarantee myself in the order of £60 from those. Surely I can manage £40 in trading between now and the end of the year.

Right, I'm away to look for more free bet opportunities.


leonthefixer said...

WOW mate - A huge well done on what you have achieved!!!

30,000% increase on your bank!!! That is some going and should act as inspiration to anyone looking at taking up trading.

To have made £3,000 tax free in 11 months is some achievement and one you should and I am sure you are proud off!

Do two things for me though, please remember these times and give your self a big pat on the back as you could tell from your posts only a short while ago you were not happy with your trading and very down beat about it all.

I have also had a good few days, but had you seen me on Monday when I lost a lot in 20mins it was not a pretty sight or sound - so it is important to be happy with times like these and enjoy them!

I bet your daughter is looking forward to her cut ;-)

A big well done again!

Alistair said...

Many thanks Leon for the comments and the mention on your blog. Much appreciated.

It sure has been one hell of a ride over the past 10 months (I started on 23rd Feb). I've experienced every emotion there is I think. I've certainly had numerous spells were my confidence has taken a battering.

But, with the help of this blog and the encouragement of others, I've managed to work my way through them. I believe, I've become mentally stronger each time as a result.

If anyone is thinking of trying this game, I'd recommend writing a blog as well as building up a network of readers. I'm absolutely convinced it helps.

This month has certainly been a huge shot in the arm. This has been aided by the matched betting I'm doing. Guaranteed free money certainly helps the confidence!

As for my daughter...

I'll have to renegotiate that deal, or start doctoring my accounts spreadsheet.

All the best mate, and if I don't hear from you beforehand, have a good Christmas.


GranpaChook said...

That's a fantastic return Ali! If you can push on and continue on into next year then you're not too far off making 10k a year which I'm sure the vast majority of traders would be highly envious off.

Keep up the great work and have a great Xmas!

Alistair said...

Cheers Grandpa,

To be honest, I'll be happy with £5K next year. I'd prefer to find myself a proper job. I've been self-employed since 1993 and sitting at home in front of a computer all day is very isolating.

But certainly, the potential is certainly there. I only need to step up a gear.