Keep Warm This Winter

Apologies for the lack of updates since Saturday. This is simply due to the fact that I've only done a small amount of trading.

Sunday, I spent working on further additions to the website, while doing the odd race inbetween, but I only earned £2 so it wasn't worthwhile writing anything for that.

On Monday I was working and didn't get back until after 6:00pm. I managed to trade the dogs for an hour or so and picked up £13 for my troubles. I was too tired so had an early night having decided to update the blog after today's trials and tribulations.

The first half of today's exploits, was frustrating, inconsistent and, quite frankly messy. I was getting nowhere fast. It wasn't so much that I was losing trades (though I lost a few on both the dogs and nags) but more to do with the fact that I was missing out on profit.

For whatever reason, my reactions were really slow. In the fast moving, volatile and jumpy markets that I trade, I rely on quick reactions yet today I was doing everything in slow motion. My eyes were seeing things, my brain was reacting, but there seemed to be some delay in send instructions to my trigger finger.

It was roughly 3:30 when, as I was rubbing my hands for the umpteenth time that afternoon, it suddenly dawned on me that I was damn cold. I'd forgotten to put the heating on. With that corrected, and a nice hot cuppa in my hands, I started to trade properly.

Up to that point I had only earned £2 all day. Once I had got some heat into my hands, I added another £33 to that. Coincidence? Possibly, but you can be sure I'll have the heating on all day tomorrow.


Smart Betting said...


I want to say that i enjoy the site and i was also wondering where i can find a rss feed.


Alistair said...

Hi Marius

Glad you like the site.

I do not have an feed for the site, but the feeds for the blog are:

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