Matched Betting Boosts Profits

Saturday, historically the day that I always seem to struggle to make a profit. With so many things on, I tend to get myself in a muddle as I try to get involved in soccer, greyhounds and horses. Clearly, my multitasking skills are suffering as I get older.

With this in mind, I took the decision earlier in the week to take much of today off. I made other arrangements to be the dutiful son and visit my mother. My plans had to be modified a bit, so as to accommodate my daughter, which meant that I did get some trading in until early afternoon.

For this, I religiously stuck to the greyhounds and avoided having anything to do with other sports - from a trading perspective anyway. This worked very well as I had a relatively leisurely couple of hours building up some profit, which, by the time I finished for lunch, had grown to £15.

Once my family duties had been completed I managed to do a bit more in the evening greyhound markets. That was hard work as they were particularly thin. After adding another £5 to the pot I gave up trying.

I did do 4 horse place markets in the evening where I lost 1 and won 3 and came away with, believe it or not, exactly £0.00.

During quiet time in the greyhounds this morning, I availed myself of a couple of free bets by doing a spot of matched betting. Bet365 kindly gave me a £50 Christmas present which I duly qualified for by backing Feyenord and laying them off on Betdaq. I then used the free bonus to back a draw at Crewe and laid that off to guarantee a profit of around £34. Easy, risk free, money for virtually no effort.

I also did the same with a sign up offer at Boylesport, though I will not get the bonus until tomorrow, at which point I'll add that profit to the total.

So, all in all, a very different Saturday from what I normally have. Relaxed and stress free whilst adding another £54 to the pot. Here's to more of that.


John said...

I really enjoy your blogs. I too am a trader.

Also, I have added you to my links.


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Alistair said...

Hi John, thanks for the comment and the link. I'll add yours to my links page sometime in the next 48 hours.