More Of The Same

For the second day running, I have managed to amass a profit in the mid 30s. Indeed, my trading today, was virtually a carbon copy of yesterday's - except I had warm hands.

My trading in the afternoon was a bit more profitable, on both the horse place markets and the greyhounds. Unfortunately though, the most profitable time of the day - after the last horse race up to around 6:00pm - was plagued by distractions in the shape of my 13 year old daughter. Sometimes she will not shut up! Typical women I guess (I'll warn my postman to look out for a bag full of complaints).

In the end, having missed a few good opportunities as a direct result, I admitted defeat and had an early dinner.

I managed to catch some of the better races before the liquidity fell away quite badly after 6:30. I soldiered on for another hour bad it was hard going and I was only making pennies so I've stopped for the day.

I'm please to say that the place markets are picking up again. Having spent the first 5-6 months of my journey in these markets, it's good to get back to them. I'm still relearning them if I was honest and using stakes that are only 50% higher than I'm using in the dog markets. Still, I'm pleased with the way they are coming on.

I got involved in 10 horse races today and collected £12 for my troubles. Compare that to the dogs where I won £24 having covered 54 races - many of those were scratched mind you.

So, more of the same next time, though I won't get much trading in tomorrow (at least not until the evening) as I've got other plans. So have a good one if you are getting involved.

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Laying System said...

Haha that made me laugh about the women interupting! I can definitely relate to that.

Why is it they always seem to interfere at the most crucial times of the trade when you are trying to concentrate? I'm sure my girlfriend has worked out exactly the time she should interupt me just to p*** me off on purpose! Grrr.. Can't live with them, can't live without them!