A New Toy For Christmas

Finally, the Betdaq Trader software has a ladder interface. I've only had the briefest of plays with it prior to the 4:50 race at Great Leighs tonight. Not enough time to fully form an opinion. Clearly though, from what I've seen, it's going to take a bit getting used to.

On first glance there seems to be some nice touches, but the whole thing is going to be so alien to what I'm used to in BinarySoft, I suspect it's going to be a while before I become proficient in it's use.

Still, it's a major step forward for trading on Betdaq, and of course, as a Linux user, a huge plus for me. I just need to come to grips with how to use the thing now. It will give me sonething to do over the cold winter months.


Anonymous said...

any chance to get binarysoft ? if u got the file please can u mail it to me ? on the site download doesnt work anymore :(

thanks !


Alistair said...


What the hell gives you the right to ask for a free copy of software that I've paid for? And do so without even leaving your name!

In addition, I will not distribute copyrighted applications to anyone.

Whilst BinarySoft BDI is no longer commercially available, commercial software it remains. Existing users where given the grace to carry on using it until such time that it falls over.

No right was given to copy that application for other people to use, as far as I am aware, nor would I want it.

Please do not ask such requests again - and that goes for anyone else who might be thinking about it.