Rolling Free-Bet Matching Update

This morning I've been working on an update to the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet in order to take account of the dead heat rules that I fell foul of on Tuesday night.

The main change is in how you specify whether your pick has been a winner or loser.

Previously, you would specify a "N" or a "Y" in the "Winner?" column to indicate success or failure. That column has now been changed to "Num of Winners?" and you indicate success or failure by specifying a 0 (zero) for a losing bet, 1 (one) for a winning bet and, in the rare event of a dead heat, a number indicating the number of runners involved in the dead heat. See the image to the left for an example.

In addition, in the 'Settings' section of the spreadsheet, there is now an extra element that you MUST specify - the 'Min Back Odds'. This is the minimum odds, as specified by the bookmakers terms and conditions, for which a free bet will be awarded. Again, always make sure you check the conditions for these bets and note that at the time of writing, the minimum odds are different for the horse racing offer compared to the greyhound offer.

If you are going to use this to match bet both disciplines, I suggest you create two copies of this file and assign one to each type.

That's it. The new version is available for download now.

Again, spend some time putting in dummy numbers before using it in anger so that you become familiar with how it works.

Update 4th Dec @ 4:45pm
: For some reason, the formatting in the P&L and Running Profit columns got lost when I converted to Excel from OpenOffice. This has been corrected now. If you downloaded the spreadsheet before this update, please download it again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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