A Struggle, But I Got There

I went in to today's trading fully expecting to break through the £800 mark for the month. Before I started, I knew I was guaranteed £13 thanks to some matched betting I did yesterday on today's Old Firm match. All I needed was just under £30 from today's trading and I'd be there. Boy, did I make heavy weather of it.

I started off at 10:30 this morning on the greyhounds. Things were going reasonably well and there was plenty of money around, so I increased my stakes by 50% - and immediately started losing. Typical! After two poor losing trades in a row, I reset my stakes, though that didn't stop the losses.

By the time the horse racing stopped, I'd only made £15, split roughly 40:60 between the dogs and the nags. Things did pick up then and I started to make some headway, but the nearer I got to my target, the harder it seemed to become.

Things weren't helped when I lost £4.50 and £3.30 in the first two evening races at Great Leighs. I almost did the same in the third, but managed to limit my losses to 40p after being nearly a fiver down.

Given the struggle, once I hit my target at 8:40pm I quit for the day, happy that I'd got through the £800 mark, but absolutely knackered in doing so.

In all, I traded in 55 greyhound races and made only £27.87 - a very poor 50.6p/race. I lost in 10 races at a cost of £14.57 - with one loss accounting for £5.11 on it's own. A very disappointing performance given my recent results.

The horse racing wasn't that much better. I concentrated on the Betfair place markets today, rather than playing around with the the Betdaq Trader software and the win markets. 21 markets traded have seen me win a measly £3.94 with the Great Leighs races accounting for 2/3rds of the £12.64 in losing trades.

Still, another profitable day to add to the others that have made this month so memorable. Long may it continue.

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