Time To End This

I've decided to halt my forays into the win markets. It simply isn't happening for me. Worse, it is effecting how I trade other markets. I cannot therefore, sustain the experiment as not only is it effecting my profitability, but also increasing the strain as I try to recover losses in other markets.

Put simply, the trading style I use in the dogs, and previously in the place markets, just doesn't work in the win markets. As a result, I've been trying to change that style in order to become profitable in the win markets - to no avail. But those changes are now feeding back into the markets where I normally make money.

Today was fairly typical of my performance. I made some profitable trades in the first hour of the greyhound racing, despite one of the meetings being called off. I then switched to the horse win markets and immediately started losing it. As I struggled to make headway, I just kept giving my money away.

Switching back to the dogs after the last horse race only perpetuated the trend. I continued losing until I stopped at 5pm some £20 down.

I didn't intend to resume trading this evening but I'm glad I did as I turned around my losing position and finished the day nearly £10 up having spent my time concentrating on the dogs.

This has been an all to familiar story for me in the past month. One discipline would lose and the other would recover those losses. Going through this, day after day, has not been particularly enjoyable and so I think it is time to stop.

I shall continue with the greyhound markets and I think I'll revisit my old stomping ground that is the place markets, but it appears the win markets are just beyond me. I'd rather be winning, albeit small amounts, on a regular basis than continually getting my backside bitten. That just isn't any fun.


Drifter said...

Shame the win markets aren't working for you but I can understand how they are affecting you in other markets. Trading is so much down to the psychology that when things aren't going your way it can often just get worse and worse.

Good luck in the place markets and with the dogs.


Hunter said...

hey al! I failed to cut an edge in the win market too. the dogs and place market is where I am able to make some. At least in those 2 markets the WOM concept can still be applied because of its low liquidity. I have a spreadsheet that automate trading the dogs using WOM. Not well written, but did its job (I'm new to Excel scripting). I used to profit €4-5/race on €30 stakes using that spreadsheet. But nowadays, many times the market turned against me. Maybe someone is manipulating the market, I don't know.

Alistair said...

Hi Guys.

Drifter: No doubt some will say I shouldn't give up after a month. The fact of the matter is, this isn't the first time over the past two years I've tried the win markets and failed. The truth is I cannot justify spending my time using markets I can trade trying to recover loses from the win market. In the past month, I've made a total of £3.65 from the win markets. It's not worth my time.

I may try them again in 6 months during the flat season as I've read that this time of year can be difficult. Until I can think of a way to capitalise on the win markets I cannot allow my other trading to suffer as it has been.

Hunter: Saw you got a profit from your efforts yesterday. Well done. It's a shame your spreadsheet does not appear to work any longer. €4-5/race is very useful.

Thanks for visiting chaps.