Too Honest For My Own Good?

Before I tell you about my trading exploits today, I wonder, in this modern, cynical world in which we live, if I should kowtow to the mainstream. I have always prided myself on being an honest and highly moral person, yet I wonder if it is about to cost me financially.

Today, in between trading the dogs and the horses, chatting in the chat room and taking phone calls and a host of other things that were pulling me this way and that, I saw an opportunity to do a matched bet with Boylesport. This was necessary as I need to make 4 bets with that bookie in order to qualify for my next free bet installment.

So, having spotted that they had Shrewsbury Town at odds of 2.20 to beat Brighton tonight, and that they were 2.22 to lay on Betdaq, I promptly jumped in. No problem there.

Tonight, after all of today's trading activities I happened to be checking my accounts. As the score was 0-0, Betdaq had a lovely £49.45 sitting there waiting for me. However, when I checked my Boylesport account, there's no sign of any bet. My account is still in credit to the same amount it was this morning.

I've just spent sometime talking with their help desk and they're going to log the issue with their IT department. This is where my honesty may cost me financially as they can easily turn round, knowing the score, and say "You did indeed back Shrewsbury for £50 Mr Hamilton. We've debited your account accordingly".

Irrespective of what they do, my conscience is clear. I will have maintained my integrity. It will be interesting to see if they reciprocate. Not that I am accusing them of dishonesty you understand.

Enough of moral dilemmas. On to the trading...

I had another excellent day today, apart from a two hour spell from 3:00 - 5:00 where I kept losing, or scratching.

As usual, I switched between dogs and horses all afternoon. Unfortunately, I wasn't getting anywhere fast on the place markets and eventually wound up with only £4 having traded 16 races. I only lost in 4 of those, but it was enough to take a fair chunk out of the meager gains I had made.

The dogs where a different matter, though they did suffer in the aforementioned two hour period. Still, I picked up £40 having traded 58 events. Not quite the £1/race target I try to manage, but good enough considering I lost a total of £15.88 in 12 of those races.

I also spent a rather leisurely evening match betting on the Sky televised greyhound meeting at Wimbledon. The image below is taken from the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet that I use specifically for the purpose. Remember, this is freely available to any one who wants it.

The settings I was using gives a 2% profit on each race when my pick loses. The profits are greater when a winner occurs. Unfortunately, and somewhat unusually, I didn't get one tonight.

Still, the whole process only took around 15 mins of my time and returned another £6 to add to today's pile, bringing the total to a few pence over £50. Obviously this will double if the feedback from Boylesport is favourable. For the moment, I'll assume that £50 is the figure and will amend it if necessary once I hear back from Boylesport.


leonthefixer said...

Hi mate - been a bit busy lately losing money so not been in the chat room - will try to get my seat back at the front unless someone else has nicked it ;-)

Well done on your recent good run, you fully deserve it and long may it continue!!!

Good to see some helpful hints in the comments of the previous post - I am sure they were much appreciated.

I have to say though I am a little disappointed - you have been kicking my ass recently with your results! I have been having a mare!
Lost £70 in 20mins on Monday and lost the plot :)

Thankfully got the losses back today but will be losing a heap more tomorrow with the Premium Charge being taken from last week which was a good one.

Anyway, back to your posts - it will be interesting to see if they let you off the £50, I think they should just for your honesty if nothing else, I have a feeling they wouldn't honour your bet had it won ;-)

I have been having a crack at the dogs for an hour or two the last few evenings and have been picking up some decent money which will help pay the Premium Charge. I am currently looking into my daily profits and trying to see the weaknesses and early indications indicate Mondays are as bad as I thought so I may make the shift to the dogs on these days especially with your comments about Mondays being good to you.

Anyway I shall hopefully catch you in the chat room soon - all the best and well done on the good month so far - dare we say this could be a new record????

Alistair said...

Thanks Leon,

I was beginning to think you'd fallen off the face of the planet. I think Mike and Herman have moved in to your corner of the chat room so you may have a fight on your hands.

I honestly can't remember, but I suspect that, because I was trying to do umpteen things at once earlier today, I completed my bet slip at Boylesport but neglected to submit it. I'll just have to wait to hear from them.

Sorry to hear of your losses. At least it will help to reduce the premium charge. I've my good run keeps going, I'll be joining you soon I think.

See you in the chat room


Anthony said...

Hi Alistair,
It is good to see that first, you kept going on the trading etc as it seems you nearly gave it up a couple of months ago and secondly, that you're doing well this month. We're practically neck and neck on the profits this month which, considering I've been doing it for about 5 years, puts you way ahead of me!
I've had a hard month too Leon. It's frustrating that there are so many people out there making a mint when no matter what I try to do I can't seem to move forward. Oh well, it's a bit of pocket money!

Gus said...

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I hope you don't mind but I have put Bet Your Life as a link on my betting blog. My blog is and it looks solely at TV betting. Take a look.

Alistair said...

Hi Anthony,

Apologies if I gave the impression that I was on the verge of giving up a few months ago. I'm afraid that time of year represents a dark time for me and I have no doubt that that would have come across in some of my posts. Rest assured, that I intend to be around this time next year.

This month is going well, though I'm aware that the coffers have been swollen by some of the matched betting I've been doing which is new for me. Certainly worth looking at if you do not do so already.

I'm sure things will pick up for you, and Leon, soon enough.

As ever, thanks for popping by.