The Usual Saturday Rubbish

Living up to it's reputation, today was another slow and disappointing day. A case of too many things to do combined with me trying to get involved in too many markets at the same time.

I was intending to do some matched betting on the normal Bet365 Channel 4 racing offers, but the odds in the first qualifying race were unsuitable, then I was called away. Instead I managed to do a bit of trading in the place markets but that was poor, only winning a few pence.

Even the dog markets, the few that I did anyway, were thin, even for me. As a result, I got caught too many times for my liking and I stopped having lost a fiver early on. Again, interruptions didn't help.

I tested a laying plan on the dogs for very small stakes. I'm looking into this as it provides another option that I can use on Betdaq. Very early days and a small profit, so worth continuing as it takes very little effort.

And finally, You may recall a while back I set aside £100 specifically for punting on the footy. The intention being to back 5% of the current bank as a means of exercising any gambling fix. I had a double on Newcastle and St Johnstone. Both failed to win, so £4.74 down the tubes. That's 7 bets and five losers and a graphic example of why I turned to trading as another 5% sails down the Swanny.

So not a huge loss today, but fairly typical of Saturdays. Perhaps I should resign myself to doing the housework on these days.

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