When Lady Luck Is With You

I don't know. It seems that everything I touch at the moment comes good. I'm just waiting for that dreadful moment when Lady Luck withdraws her favour and I get stung big time. I thought, albeit briefly, that moment had come this evening.

Continuing my quest to qualify for another free bet at Boylesport, I spotted via bet72.com that, in the Brugge v Copenhagen match, the away side were at odds of 3.25 to back at the bookies, but only 3.05 to lay on Betdaq. I duly placed my bet at Boylesport, remembering to actually submit it this time, and went to lay them on Betdaq. Unfortunately, the odds changed before I'd submitted the bet. Then, after readjusting things, the market suspended before I was matched. I hadn't been watching the clock and had not realised how close to kick off it was.

As Betdaq weren't taking the game in-play and I had a confirmed back bet at the bookie, a short-lived panic ensued as I switched to Betfair in the hope that they were taking it in-play. Fortunately, they were and all was right with the world again. I laid @ 3.05 and the panic was over. With Copenhagen winning, I got a small net profit of £2.40 and another step closer to my next free bet.

Earlier in the day I also did a couple of qualifying matched bets at the same bookie. These are for the weekend so my money in Betdaq is tied up until then. Blackburn @ 2.00 to back and @ 1.91 to lay on Betdaq with the other being Rochdale @ 2.90 to back and @ 2.84 to lay.

You'll notice that, like the Copenhagen match, I am guaranteed a small win on these irrespective of outcome. In other words, I'm actually being paid to earn a free bet. Isn't life wonderful?

Irrespective of looking to do matched betting to qualify for a free bet, the bet72.com site is an excellent tool for finding arbitrage situations like this. I'd advise all my readers to make use of it.

As far as trading is concerned, the £31 I made today may seem somewhat disappointing given my results of the past 7 days. However, I missed much of today's trading. I spent the first hour doing various chores, after which I started to trade, but I only lasted an hour. I hadn't managed to get much sleep last night due to illness and I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open.

With the more liquid dog markets not due until after the horse racing finished, I decided to take 2-3 hours off and try and catch up on some sleep.

I'm not sure if I was properly awake when I resumed as I lost a total of £8 in the first 3 races I entered. However, I soon got it back and by the end of the afternoon card, I was £16 up. This I more or less doubled in the evening session and I finished early to spend some time with my daughter.

So, a £31 profit over 38 races doesn't quite meet the £1/race target, but it's near enough, and it was a fairly laid back day.

And finally...

I haven't heard back from Boylesport regarding my imaginary bet yesterday. As I said earlier, I'm pretty certain that I omitted to confirm the bet having completed the bet slip. Still, as far as my records are concerned, I'm treating it as having gone through - for now anyway.

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