Delays, Delays, Delays

I had a very strange day today. A day in which I had originally intended to go shopping for ski boots and have a break from trading. When those plans were postponed, I got stuck into the trading as normal, never expecting to have such a roller coaster ride courtesy of Betfair's temperamental systems.

Everything started off pretty well, slowly building the profit in consistent sized steps. Until that is, I started to get hit by the submission delays I've been suffering from recently. It then became a frustrating and rocky ride.

The first time I was hit, resulted in my closing trade not being submitted in time before the market suspended. My fault in that I have, over recent weeks, started to sail closer and closer to the off. But with the help of my countdown timer on my mobile, as well as the commentary from William Hill Radio, I have found my returns increase as a result. Consequently, I believe the rewards are worth the increased risk.

That said, it is still annoying that I was unable to trade out thanks to these excessive delays in my bets appearing in the market. Neither did it help today with the market being suspended a few seconds early.

As I've mentioned before, I tend to back first, lay second. However, When the timer is almost up and I'm trading so close to the bone, I'll switch to laying first, backing second. At least then, if I do get caught, I'll have five dogs running for me rather than against me.

In this particular race, luck was on my side once more after I had 30 secs of nail biting to see if I'd be £22 up or £70 down. That luck was short lived however as another delay two races later caused something very weird to happen resulting in a loss of £12.

I was trading 'Missie Capone' in the 2:254 at Newcastle, taking a few ticks here and a few ticks there. I tried placing a back bet at odds of 4.10 and nothing happened. A few seconds later, my money appeared in the ladder; FIVE times the amount of money I submitted. By the time I had thought, "What the hell!" and tried to react, it was taken and I struggled to get out. Hence the loss of £12.

I couldn't understand what had happened. Did I multi-click? I'd accept inadvertently double clicking, but not clicking 5 times in rapid succession. Besides, multiple clicks would appear as multiple bets in my Betfair account, yet, as you can see from the image below, there's a single bet of over £117.

I have absolutely no idea what caused this. All my settings in BinarySoft are as they have been for months. I can only assume that the delay threw the software a complete wobbly. I do not understand what mechanism in the communications between Betfair and Binarysoft would result in such a wildly differing amount being submitted to the market compared to the one I instructed it to submit. Clearly, a very worrying and potentially disastrous issue.

Unfortunately, BinarySoft does not record any log so I doubt that I'll ever get to the bottom of this mystery, though I'm sure it has something to do with Betfair's submission issues. I can only hope it was a one off.

Other than that, I was happy with my trading, despite the continued and intermittent delay issues.

I wasted my time on 50 dog races today, losing only 6 at a cost of £18.57 - including the £12 loss discussed above, so I'm very pleased with that.

In addition to the £54 I won on the dogs, I had a small trade on Valencia, trading out after they went 1-0 up in the first minute. I wish they were all that easy, but, having won only £2.44 it's one of those trades where I wish I'd stuck a lot more on it.

So, a fairly satisfactory £56.65 gets added to the pot and continues the good start I've made to the year.

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