Happy New Year

Firstly, let me wish all my readers all the very best for 2009. Here's hoping you all have a prosperous one.

I was away over the New Year period and only got back late on Friday night. I didn't do a great deal of trading yesterday as I was 47 years young and spent much of my time with my feet up, being pampered by my daughter - I wish! I managed to pick up £9 in the handful of races I entered.

Today was slow going as well, what with the greyhound meeting at Hove canceled and the afternoon markets being pretty thin at times, even for me. Still, I earned myself a gentle £23 for my trouble so cannot complain.

Not quite such a dramatic start to the new year compared to the way I finished the last one, but breaking myself in gently after my New Year exertions was perhaps all I could expect. The real trading starts during the week.


leonthefixer said...

Happy Birthday mate - hope it was a good one!

Alistair said...

Thanks Leon. It was pretty quiet. At my age, I can't manage anything else!