Interruptions Abound

It's not been a good day today, despite starting the day with a profit of nearly £6. After that excellent opener, I was plagued by interruptions which served to completely screw my concentration. As a result, come 1pm or so, I'd only done 14 dog races and I'd lost 9 of them. At that point, I stopped while I still had a tiny profit.

It was so bad in the morning, I decided to write off the afternoon before it began and take my daughter shopping in the afternoon. However, she wanted to bake a chocolate cake instead. Oh decisions, decisions: cake or shopping, cake of shopping? Easy choice. I let her get on with it and returned to the trading.

Unfortunately, the afternoon continued in much the same vein as the morning had with an endless stream of interruptions.

In between all of this I eventually managed to get involved in 36 races today, but with 13 of these being losers, it is hardly surprising that I only managed £23 in profit. The losers cost me a total of £18.70. Not good, but understandable given the way my concentration was effected today.

To cap it all, I had intended to trade the correct score market of the Hamburg v Bayern Munich match, but when I was roped into running a free taxi service for my son, causing me to miss the start of the match, I threw my arms in the air and conceded defeat.

That's me finished for the night. Time to put my feet up and console myself by gorging on tea and chocolate cake.


leonthefixer said...

Taking your Daughter out shoping after her DIY ear piercing - surely she should have been taking you out to get back in your good books :)

Well done on the Profit - any profit no matter how small is a good profit.

Well done on a fantastic month yet again!!!

Rick Ford said...

The joys of family while wanting to trade! I'm in the same boat.

Keep up the good work. Your P&L's are looking healthy. Make sure you treat the kids! ;-)

PhilipH said...

This continues to be a most interesting blog. Glad you ended up with £23 profit which, in my view, is good going! OK, I suppose the "hourly rate" is not great but then you have no commuting and travel costs, no tax and insurance to be deducted and you can choose when you start and finish! What more do you want? No, don't answer that.

I had only one winner today, Snow Dancer at 12-1, which got me out of trouble with Willie Hill. My "system" is plain stupid in most people's eyes: I back any nag with Dancing, Dancer or anything to do with dancing. Surprisingly it chucks up a few decent winners and obviously a few more losers. I stake very little on most, unless I am careless on the keyboard, and it is just for fun and interest.

However, I am highly interested in getting started on trading on the nags now that I've discovered the ins and outs of the basics.

Cheers, Phil

Alistair said...

Many thanks chaps for the wishes and support.