January Summary

What is it about Saturdays? My trading always seems to be below par at best - utter crap at worst. Today was no different, tending toward the smellier end of that scale.

I dived into the early morning start on the dogs, and that was perhaps part of the problem. I was still half asleep, and suffering from a headache. As usual though, I ploughed on regardless of any effect that might have - and my trading suffered as a result.

I revisited the dogs at various times throughout the day, in between feeble attempts at soccer and worsening bouts of headache.

In the end, I traded 34 dog races and came away with the grand total of £4.05. I lost in 12 of those races at a cost of £24.24. Absolutely appalling performance.

I also got involved in some soccer matches. I managed to persuade myself not to get involved in the early game at Stoke though my headache was at it's worst then so probably a good thing. Instead, I waited until 3:00pm and got involved in the Aston Villa v Wigan correct score market - and made a complete meal of it. It turned into a damage limitation exercise with a loss of £3 being the end result which felt like a victory by the time it was all done and dusted.

I also had a small bet on a double. Unfortunately Crystal Palace couldn't get the better of Blackpool at home. As a result, I lost another 5% from my imaginary 5% football betting bank - though the money was real.

In the evening, I turned to the Ajax v Heerenveen correct score market where I was able to get all green not long after half time. I spent the rest of the second half moving money around in order to maximise my profit on the likely end result.

So, after all that effort today, I made a fraction over £9 and Saturday maintained its reputation of being a pain in the posterior.

So, what about January as a whole?

Well, that aforementioned £9 was enough to take me over £600 for the month . My second best result since I started. That figure doesn't tell the whole story though.

Half of January's profit was made in the first week. Since then, I've been somewhat inconsistent, particularly in the second week as illustrated by my blog posts at that time. Fortunately though, the profits, although reduced, were still coming and it was simply a matter of plugging away until things started to pick up again.

There really was only one bad day, last weekend, when I had a particularly hideous half hour and lost roughly £100 thanks to an especially bad trade, quickly followed by getting caught by the jump. Whilst enough for me to take it out on my son's punch bag, it was forgotten about fairly quickly and the money was retrieved by the end of play on Thursday.

That in itself is an indication of how far I've come. Six months ago, a loss like that may have sent me over the edge. Now, I am confident in my own ability to get it back reasonably quickly. This can only be a good thing for my future trading career.

Listed below are the totals for each market/sport I got involved in throughout the month:

Greyhounds... £624.11
Soccer... -£23.64

Despite last weeks loss, I'm really pleased with that figure for the greyhounds as it is only £60 short of what I achieved last month. So clearly, I'm at least showing some level of consistency there.

The soccer figure is really disappointing, not that I've done much. Last month was boosted by bet matching the free offers from bookies. I haven't done any of that this month, mainly because I've already got longstanding accounts with most bookmakers and so haven't qualified for any freebies.

Recently though, as explained in an earlier post, I've started looking into trading the correct score market. The jury is still out on that score, but I have been very encouraged with what I've seen, despite the small loss in the Villa game today. I'll be continuing the learning process this month.

You'll notice that I stayed well away from the nags this month. The horses are something I'd like to go back to, but I see no point at the moment as even experience horse racing traders have been finding the past month or so rather difficult. So what chance have I got? I think I'll leave it to the summer before I even think about venturing back there again.

So, that's it for another month. More of the same called for I guess. I will be looking for an improvement in the soccer markets though to supplement my continuing progress with the greyhounds.

A couple of unrelated things before I go...

I've spent a fair bit of time developing the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet, which I've made freely available to one and all. A fair few have downloaded it and I was wondering how you are all getting on with it. If people are putting it to good use then that's great, but there isn't any point of me looking to develop it further if no one is using it. Please let me know in any event.

The chat room continues to prove itself a valuable asset to the site with the correct score markets being the latest topic for bouncing ideas around. There's a hardcore of users at the moment, but there's always room for more. Everyone is welcome, even more so if you have a particular market(s) of expertise and are willing to pass on the odd bit of advice (no need to give your secrets away, honest). It's not a prerequisite for visiting though, so feel free to pop by.

Finally, thanks again to every one who continues to post comments and offer support and advice. Always welcome.


PhilipH said...

Excellent monthly report. And a great result, monetarily, imo.

Do you have to know anything about the form of the dogs you trade? Or is that immaterial? If it's not important to know any "form" how do you decide what a "good" opportunity is?

Do you use a Bot?

Cheers, Phil.

Alistair said...

Hi Phil

I can safely say I know nothing about dogs. I do not think it necessary to know about form when scalping the pre-race markets. That applies to horses as well.

When scalping, it me against the market. does the market know anything about form? Who cares?

I'm sure some traders will be able to use form to help them carry out long term pre-race trades, though that cannot be done in any case in the dog markets. There just isn't enough liquidity until 2 mins before the off.

No doubt if races are going in-play and it is your intention to trade in-play, then again, form knowledge may be off benefit. It's not my cup of tea though.

I do not use an automated bot for trading the dogs. I manually trade using the ladder interface of the BinarySoft BDI application which, sadly, is no longer under development.

I use the graphing features of that software, liquidity indicators, the WH Radio commentary coupled with experience and gut instinct to decide when to enter my trade.



PhilipH said...

Many thanks for your reply.
Regards, Phil

Alistair said...

Your welcome Phil