Just A Quickie

Said the vicar to the virgin.

I've spent the last 45 mins composing a response to comments made in an earlier post, so I'll keep today's tale of woe, perseverance and luck as brief as possible...

Trading this morning was terrible. The Hove meeting was running some 20 mins late and this screwed everything up. I lost my normal rhythm and to cut a long story short, I lost 6 out of the first 9 races I entered. At this point, I gave up and went for an early lunch.

Once the afternoon card started, I soon had most of it back. Then I was hit by submission delays. This has been a problem for many users in recent months, but fortunately I have rarely seen them. Boy did they effect me today.

The first time they hit, I lost all of my recovered losses and a bit more. However, aside from that loss, it was the number of times I missed trades that was hurting me. Frequently, I would spot an opportunity, but the market would sweep past me while Betfair decided what to do with my bet. As a result, I missed out on many a profitable trade.

Despite these issues, I slowly recovered and got myself in profit, but it was hard going, not to mention nerve wracking not knowing when my backside could be bitten by another delay.

So I rode my luck a bit I guess, but my best (and worst) moment came in the first evening race at Wimbledon. I was trading the favourite and listening to William Hill Radio and I didn't notice they switched to Sunderland. There I was, laying the evens favourite thinking the dogs weren't in the traps yet, when the market suspended. Arrrgh! Somehow, that summed up my day.

So, my worst trading moment of the day. Careless and not something I was proud of from a trading point of view. However, it also turned out to be my best moment as the favourite was stuffed and I won £31. Woohoo! What a jammy git!

I traded a little more after that, but was still suffering from these submission delays and decided not to push my luck any further.

I traded in 45 markets today, losing 12 of them at a cost of £22.51 - not my best performance! Still, thanks to 'Indigo Joe' turning out to be a real dog (excuse the pun), I eventually came away with over £50.

Before I go, a word about the Betfair delays. It wasn't just bet submission that was suffering. When moving to a new market, it would take ages to load. Much, much longer than it normally does. In addition, I noticed that the Betfair website was ponderously slow as well. I don't know if anyone else was having problems today, but hopefully they won't effect me again anytime soon.


leonthefixer said...

Hi Mate - sorry to see you have been getting affected by the slow responses.

I have also been getting affected by them the last few days and I know various others have been. I had been fine for sometime so am even more pee'd off!

I emailed bdp@betfair.com yet again to register my frustration after it cost me about £50 when I had a 10 second response. They have put up an update on their site that basically says we are still testing new hardware but it is not making any difference and don't expect a fix anytime soon!

I just hope they have it fixed for the summer racing - lol!

Well done on a good start to the month/year!

Alistair said...

Hi Leon,

It's weird how I have been effected by these delays. This has been an on-going issue with Betfair for months, yet I have been one of the lucky ones that have rarely suffered from this. Until now.

It's a pain int the arse. However, based on previous experience with Betfair, I doubt we'll see a fix anytime soon.