Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday's postponed shopping trip went ahead today, so I missed a fair few races before I got back. With only 4hrs left of the greyhounds, I set about getting a reasonable sum that would go some way to paying for my daughter's new ski boots.

To cut a long story short, I traded 32 races amassing £40.13 profit. I lost £5.13 spread over 5 races which I was pleased with.

What didn't please me was the 90 mins or so in the latter half of the afternoon where I was consistently getting myself into very good profitable positions only to lose it again and come away with a fraction of what I had. I must have given away some £15-£20 this way, simply because I was greedily looking for an extra tick or two rather than taking my profit.

Until this spell had come along, I had reach almost £30 for the day, then I stagnated. I made up for it though by winning £10 in the last three races which was a very nice way to end the day.

My profit for the day was cut having had a failed bet from my '5% pseudo bank' on Bologna to beat Chievo. That lost £5.64 though the bank is still 7% in profit.

So a total of £34.49 added to the running total which sees me through £300 for the month, which I am delighted with.

My trading will be curtailed a little next week as I have an electrician coming to do some work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, part of which will allow me to move my computers out of my bedroom and into a dedicated office/trading room. I'm looking forward to that I can tell you. I might even be able to get some TV pictures up and running.

Good luck to you all for next week.


Scott Ferguson said...

Hi Alistair,

An office can make such a difference to trading, even if it's all in the mind. Makes it so much easier to concentrate..

Any chance of a link to my blog please?


Alistair said...

Happy to exchange links with you Scott.

You'll find your on the links page

Drifter said...


I would say it is worth getting TV pictures next to your computer if you can. It just means you can be more aware of what is going on and then react accordingly. I am talking about trading before a race. If you try to trade in-running there is always someone else with faster pictures.