Less Quantity, More Quality

For a variety of reasons, I did a little more than half the number of dog races I normally do. I managed only 30 mins of the morning session and I missed the first half of the afternoon session due to visitors.

Still, even with this reduction in the races I participated in, my trading was in fine fettle. It was steady and consistent rather than spectacular but with only 2 small losing races out of the 35 I entered, it didn't need to be.

I stopped for dinner at 6:00pm having made a satisfying £22. I hadn't intended to trade in the evening, but I managed to squeeze 45 mins in before the start of the Celtic v Dundee Utd match. I'm glad I did as in that short spell I added slightly over £10 to the total.

Having returned what I would normally consider a decent amount, in roughly half the number of races, I'm beginning to wonder if I should deliberately limit the number of races I enter. I've certainly had a very relaxed and enjoyable day and this may point the way to go.

The trouble is, without other distractions, the call of my computer may be too great to bare.


PhilipH said...

This reminds me of an ancient TV sitcom: "Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width". Something about a Jewish tailor or similar.

It is difficult to ignore the siren call of the laptop can be most alluring but 'Er Indoors is just as insistent that I "put that bloody machine away for a while!"

Kenny said...


Enjoying the Blog but I'm amazed that you can make money trading the dogs. Everytime I've looked at trading a dog race, the back and lays are ticks apart.

When it on SKY, the liquidity is reasonable, but on a normal night it's dire.

Well done anyway, you're proof that it can be done.

Alistair said...

Hi chaps and thanks for popping by.

Fortunately Philip, I do not have anyone to nag me to put the 'bloody machine' away. I need to exercise my own discipline on that front, which can be difficult at times.

Kenny, strangely, I find the televised dog races harder to trade. I think it may be due to the markets behaving more like the horse racing - which I'm hopeless at.

But, there's no doubt, there is money to be made on the dogs. One simply needs to adjust stake sizes according to the market conditions. Your right though, some of the evening races are a complete waste of time.