A Matter Of Principle

I'm sure I'm not the only Betfair customer who recently received an email entitled, 'Claim your free Arcade Bet Now!'.

A free, no risk £10 bet courtesy of Betfair. While I'm always happy to be given free money, I must admit, I'm reluctant to take up their offer, on principle, after the company has shifted emphasis, introduce a raft of questionable changes (not least of which is the premium charge) and now actively encourage the vulnerable into their arcade.

I'm sorry, I will not do it. You can keep your £10 offer Betfair as I have no wish to lend some form of validation to your arcade activities. I'd rather you refund the £10 on my first premium charge bill - when it arrives.

Now, on to my trading.

After my somewhat unsteady performance last week, I had no intention of trading yesterday. I was at a client's in any case, so I had decided to spend the evening trialling a greyhound dutching system on Betdaq. Unfortunately, Betdaq Trader wouldn't let me post the bets. I tried a few times but always the same result. So that was that particular experiment over.

After sending the details to Betdaq, I switched to trading on Betfair and managed to get myself over £10 in 90 mins or so.

Today, started off very poorly, and by 12:30 I'd barely made £2 so I stopped for an early and somewhat prolonged lunch.

The break did me good as straight away the trades started to come that much easier, though I was plagued this afternoon with phone call interruptions. Trading really picked up though once the horse racing finished as loads of money came into the market but they remained quite jumpy - just how I like them. I had an early finish in the evening as I was off to play badminton - not a good idea given my arthritic knees, but I need the exercise.

With all the interruptions etc, my involvement in the markets was restricted today, yet I still managed to trade in 58 races amassing a profit of £39 in the process. I lost 11 races at a cost of £9.77 which is much more acceptable than some of my days last week.

So this week has got off to a reasonable start. Here's hoping it continues.


Scott Ferguson said...

yep, the Arcade is a complete toss and anyone who plays on it should be looked at weirdly, like those sad guys who hang around them in pubs waiting for the miracle £35 jackpot...

Thomas Rooney said...

Top site you have here. Really enjoy using it.

Would you be able to email me when you get the chance?

Would be much appreciated.



Philip H said...

Betfair is getting too big, and too greedy! They had a brilliant idea in the first place and now they seem to be straying away from their raison detre - to allow the ordinary Joe to bet and lay on sports.

All this casino type stuff is freely available on the bookie web sites so why does Betfair want a slice of that action? Greed, that's why. They should stick to what they started out as. Well done for ignoring their "come on" shill.

Cheers, Phil

Alistair said...

Thanks for visiting guys, and the comments.

Certainly the introduction of arcade style games is one of the more objectionable things Betfair has done in my view. I couldn't, in all conscience take up their offer. Not that it will make any difference to them.