Rolling Free-Bet Matching - Version 3.00

My trading continues to hit a brick wall and this week has turned out to be one of the poorest I have had for some time. After the highs of the previous month, I hope I'm not falling back into my old ways.

Today was a day that I really shouldn't have bothered. A day when I should have listened to my inner self telling me to leave it alone.

I woke up this morning, and I new I really wasn't in the mood. Yet, I settled down in front of my computer regardless - perhaps I'm becoming addicted to this trading lark. If I wasn't in the mood when I started, I sure wasn't after I opened my account with returns of £0.49, -£4.11, £0.00 and -£9.75. I walked away then.

Instead of trading, I decided to try and put my time to use by exploring the use of Betdaq on the dog markets. I mentioned yesterday that I'd like to investigate the possibility of laying and/or dutching these markets as trading them on Betdaq is out of the question. I started my experiments and got some money back, but I was getting too many interruptions that I stopped - another plan put on hold.

I compounded my losses by losing a further £5 on the football. I placed a Livingston/Cowdenbeath double on Betdaq and both of them drew.

With my heart not really in it, I took the rest of the afternoon off and watched 'Cromwell' - a film I haven't seen for years.

I did do some further dog trading after that and managed to reduce my overall losses for the day to £6.47. Nothing disastrous of course, but the fact that I'm not making the money I have been over recent weeks is so frustrating.

For the rest of the evening, I finished of my work on the latest incarnation of the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet - which is the whole purpose of this post.

I've included additional functionality that allows a user to specify extra lay bets on a bet-per-bet basis. In addition, these can speculative in that these bets can be used if the trader wants to take them in running.

For those not familiar with the spreadsheet, the whole purpose is to make use of bet365 Ch4 racing offers and make a profit by over laying knowing that if your selection happens to win, you'll get a free bet to the same value from bet365. The spreadsheet does all the necessary calculations for you based on the settings you provide.

Full details can be found at Rolling Free-Bet Matching.

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