Slowly Picking Up

Having taken a break over the turn of the year, I've found it difficult to get going again. Partly because I fell out of the habit and partly because I still feel somewhat lethargic from winding down 'too much', if that's possible. Still, there's been signs over the past two days that things are slowly picking up.

Although I didn't post yesterday, preferring to have an early night instead, I picked up £25 for my troubles after a very poor first 90 mins where I made 18 pence!

Today also suffered from a painfully slow start - though not quite as bad as 18p. However, as the afternoon wore on, things picked up and I stopped at 6:00pm some £37 richer. After dinner, I got roped into playing with my daughter and her Wii Fit. Certainly sitting in front of a PC all day does absolutely nothing for one's health, not to mention all the chocolate I've consumed over the past month or so.

I didn't return to the greyhounds until 8:00pm but the markets were absolutely dead, so I decided to call it a night, rather than risk what I'd already earned.

Reflecting on last month's performance, I'm very wary of setting goals, particularly one's that will beat that performance. I've already stated that I doubt I'll achieve that this month. However, what I have said in the past is that £400/month would make a difference and something I'd be happy with. After all, that's only £20/day, 5 days/week. Looking back over recent weeks, I'm certainly achieving that quite comfortably. Even better if I can bump it up to £30.

So that's what I'm going to try and aim for. I don't believe in setting unrealistic goals. This one however, is eminently achievable in my view.

PS. I forgot to mention, that since I've still got 2 x £50 free bets to pick up from Boylesports I thought I'd try them again to see if they'd relaxed their restrictions on my account. They hadn't. Quite the reverse in fact. I wanted to place £50 on Bristol Rovers @ 2.10. They offered me £6.28. So I immediately emptied my account. They'll be getting no more business from me.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! It's nice to see a part-time trader with realistic targets. I might have a whirl at trading greyhounds myself.