Spam Comments

Over recent weeks, I've been inundated with comments to my posts that do not contribute anything other than saying something simple like, 'nice blog', and followed by a web link.

I am more than happy to publish constructive comments that are relevant to the post, but in my view the comments in question are nothing more than spam and consequently, I won't publish them. If you do not wish to contribute to the debate, then by all means leave a simple comment, but don't include a link - especially if you've never commented before.

If you wish to exchange links, then I'm happy to do so with other, related sites.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ali

Nothing to do with your post but I was wondering if your chatroom is working? I try to login and it comes up with adverts and various other things. There's a tab for admin console are things too... is this just my pc playing up? I haven't been in for a while, was always a good chat!


Alistair said...

Hi Grandpa,

What link are you using? It should be:

The chat room is the basic version which is ad supported. However, in order to hide these adverts from users, I've used a bit of html jiggery pokery by having the room on one page and viewing it through a web frame.

Consequently, your browser must be able to support html frames - all the major ones do.

Let me know how you get on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ali,

I'm using which is what I used to do. I use firefox and once I've put in my username I get a blank box with "remove ads | Admin Console" in the top right. Then in the main box I have a series of tabs with links to new stories and suchlike. It's most bizarre. I've tried ie too and all I get is a blank blue box with a white cross in the top left!

I've recently formatted my PC but I don't see why this should happen unless I need java or something installed. Hmm, that might be it actually I guess?


Alistair said...

Hi Grandpa,

You never told me that bit! :-)

Yes, the chat room is Java based so you'll need to download latest version from the Sun site.

Let me know if that solves it.