Steady Progress Once More

Carrying on from yesterday's steady performance, this morning saw me have one of the most consistent sessions I have had in a long while.

I started off at 11:03 in the first greyhound race and carried all the way through to the last of the morning session at 14:04. Out of the 24 races I entered, I lost only 4 for the insignificant cost of £3.50. I came away with a very satisfying profit, having just failed to break through the £40 mark.

As I was on a roll, perhaps I should have carried on, but as yesterday showed, reducing the quantity and increasing the quality seems to have it's benefits - in more ways than one. With this in mind, I took a well earned break and had an extended lunch, caught a bit of TV and generally relaxed a bit.

I rejoined the fray in time for the 15:17 but I quickly found that the afternoon session was going to be a lot more difficult than the one in the morning. Despite having my best trade of the day in the 16:47, I generally struggled to get on anything significant and finished the session at 18:00 having just scraped through £50 for the day.

I decided to ignore the dogs in the evening and concentrate on the Cambridge Utd v Oxford Utd football match.

I've been reading much about trading the correct score markets recently, and there's been much discussion of it in the chat room so tonight I thought I'd give it a bash.

I cannot say I made a particularly good job of it, though I did come away with a tiny profit of £1.33, as you can see from the above image. Making a profit was a bonus to be honest. The exploration of another market was the main purpose of the exercise. I saw enough to make me want to get involved again.

I've mentioned many times in the past that I have difficulty trading soccer markets. Specifically, the match odds and the over/under markets - the two most popular. I've never been happy with the exit strategies I've come across and my poor gambling instincts that I have, in the main, suppressed thanks to trading, often rear their ugly head. Getting involved in these markets requires, in my view, too much trusting to luck in the hope that something happens to bring the odds in line with the position I've taken. May be I'm doing it wrong.

In any event, that's why I've stayed away from trading soccer with anything but the smallest of stakes.

I found with the correct score market that I was taking a much more proactive role in adjusting my position as time went by and the odds changed. It was much more like trading than gambling - if you get my drift. As a result, I got greater pleasure out of it, despite the small win. Mind you, that small win represents 6.65% of my opening liability, so not to be sniffed at.

Today therefore has been a very successful one. An excellent return from the greyhounds having traded in only 39 races and the discovery of a new market for me in which I can already see strong possibilities. I've wanted to expand my portfolio for sometime in order to progress. The correct score market may very well provide that opportunity.


PhilKi said...

Hi Alistair

Looks like another good day at the dogs. Thanks to your blog I am back trading on the dogs (mainly evenings). Also now listening to WillHill radio - it is good to know when the bunny is running!
I always thought there wasn't enough liquidity. I realise how it can be profitable if you stick to a plan - I am more of a lay to back person.
Look forward to more of the same

Alistair said...

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad to hear that my mumblings are of use to someone.

The evening dogs can be troublesome, depending which meeting you go to. Often there's 3 meeting on at the same time and as a result, virtually no money.

If you stick to those meetings being covered by WH Radio, you should be OK. Just remember to use a stake size that the market can support.