Too Many Mistakes

I'm still finding this week tough going. As I mentioned yesterday, I seem to have become very tentative when trading, slow to make decisions and even slower to react. My 47 years must be taking their toll on the old brain cells.

I made a reasonable profit today, but it was littered with too many mistakes such as winning nearly £8 in my best trade of the day, then throwing more than half of it away in the very next race. Such things can be very trying.

Once again, the morning session was particularly troublesome. Come lunchtime, I'd only made £9. I think possibly that I've been putting myself under pressure partly due to the poor results from Monday and Tuesday. Add into the mix that I knew my trading time was going to be limited throughout this week as I wasn't able to get involved in most of the evening sessions and I think I was subconsciously trying too hard.

I traded 43 races today and made a rather disappointing £26. I lost in 11 of those races costing £15 which simply isn't good enough and certainly nothing like my performances from last week. Today was another of those days where I had to stop early as the electrician was back to finish the work that he started on Tuesday.

It was amusing this evening as he obviously had to turn the power off for a while. If ever anyone needed evidence that today's youngsters watch too much TV, they only had to look at my daughter. Talk about a fish out of water! We had to entertain ourselves playing cards for an hour or so. She wouldn't believe me when I told her of my formative years spent in longterm darkness during the winter of discontent in the 70s.

Kids have got it so easy these days.


Jimmy said...

Hi Alistair,

I Actually use £50 stakes at the moment lay & back and yes I think that £50 stakes are no problem on about 95% of the races. But £100 I would say that is the limit for dog racing and it might be the last minute to 10 seconds of trading, and you know how risky that is. I got caught with £10 left to match tonight, so that's took my profit for tonight.

Tomorrow might be a brighter day.



Alistair said...

Hi Jimmy,

I'm not using anywhere near that stake level, unless I'm trading strong favourite. Typically, my stakes are around £20-£30. Perhaps that's something I need to look at.

I've been caught a number of times, sometimes to my benefit, other times not. I'm earning consistently that I treat it as an occupational hazard. If I'm trading really close to the off though, I do try and only trade drifters. At least then I'll have 5/6ths of the field on my side.