Too Many, Too Short

I look forward to Monday evenings as they have been very good to me over the months since I started trading the greyhounds back in September. Tonight though, I had great difficulty.

I have never seen a card where virtually every race had a clear, short-priced (2.75 and below) favourite. As I tend to back first lay later, these favourites cause me difficulties as they frequently jump out as a large sum of money suddenly takes the price out by a significant number of ticks. Usually after I've placed my opening back bet. As a result, I'm very wary of getting involved,

Tonight though, I was coping quite well and for the first hour, there was no sign of the aforementioned sums. Then I got caught and in one fell swoop, my profit was wiped from the board.

I spent the next hour building it back up again, only for another big hit to come along. After this, I changed tack and started laying these short-priced favourite with every expectation of the price suddenly shooting out in the last 30 secs before the off. Blow me, did it not shoot in rather than out?

I traded 25 dog races this evening and came away with only £2.55. I only lost 6 of those, but they counted for £22.38 in lost trades thanks to these sudden reversals.

Very disappointing. Not so much the lost trades, but the lost opportunities. There were plenty around this evening, but I seemed to get on the wrong side of most of them. Never mind. There's always tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Alistair, I did all the dogs races from 7pm until the last at romford at 21.30. what a nightmare, I too am a back first trader and the sudden 2k lay amounts at 15 ticks > than the LTP did my nuts tonight. You should be pleased you finished almost even, tonights shanagins cost me £35. Lets hope tomorrow is better.


Alistair said...

Ouch! Fortunately, I'm getting better at recognising when these shifts might happen and I'm actively trying to capitalise on them. Not there yet as Monday's efforts demonstrate. Thankfully, as you say, at least they no longer cause me huge losses.

I'm sure you'll get that £35 back soon enough Keefter.