Two Poor Days In A Row

I didn't post Monday's results as I felt it wasn't worth the effort describing my profit of 59p! I only traded for two hours after a hard day with a client and it just didn't happen for me at all so I quit at 8:00pm.

I've said in the past that I find Monday evening greyhound markets to be particularly fruitful. That's two Mondays in a row now where I've really struggled having made a total of just over £3 combined. I hope that isn't the start of a trend.

Today's trading (Tuesday) was much better, or at least, it started off much better if not spectacularly. As the end of the morning card approached, I'd made about £20 then the rot set in with my losing £4 just before lunch.

I know £4 doesn't sound much, and it isn't compared to what I've earned over the months, but it represent 20% of what I'd spent earning that morning so it still hurts. After lunch, I was hit again in the second at Crayford.

The William Hill radio commentator was making a big play of the delays caused by the late running of the first at Crayford. As a result, I thought I had time to squeeze another couple of ticks out of the favourite, 'Keallons Pride'. Unfortunately I didn't. The race was suspended before I could close the trade and I lost £30 when the silly mutt got beat.

Despite being put on the back foot, I'm quite philosophical about it. After all, I benefited from being caught the other day. I sure these things have a way of balancing themselves out.

One thing I did learn today is that there is a great variation in the commentary from the Willam Hill radio presenters. Specifically, some of them, and the one this afternoon was guilty of this, rarely, if ever, announce when the dogs are going into the traps. This is the point to quit the trade.

The presenter of the afternoon card would insist on rambling on and giving a commentary of the changing odds and would only make an announcement when the hare was running - by which time it's too late.

If any one is using, or planning to use the William Hill radio service, and I'd certainly advise them to do so, get used to the differing presentation styles of the presenters. I didn't today and it cost me.

So, there I was, £14 down after lunch and it took me to nearly the end of the afternoon card to draw within 10p of being level. I then spoiled it by losing £5 over the last 3 races before stopping for dinner. When, upon my return, I immediately lost another £3, I stopped for the night.

I had to stop in any case as the electrician I mentioned in a previous post arrived to start work.

So, two very poor days, not to mention my first losing day for more than a month. Not a great loss and I'll soon get it back. It still grates though, having a red figure on my spreadsheet.


Philip H said...

£117.29 in your account the other day? Still cannot understand how this large stake came about? OK, I know I'm a real dummy when it comes to the way you operate but that sum was so out of kilter with the other trades. Was this a typo on your part, or what?

Alistair said...

I Philip,

No, it was not a mistake on my part. As I pointed out in my post, I believe it was an issue caused by Betfair's submission delay issues that many users have seen over the months and I experienced last weekend.

I submitted a bet 0f £24.39 @ 4.10 - strange figure I know, but that's how Binarysoft works. That bet was hit by the aforementioned submission delays and didn't appear in my ladder for nearly 3 seconds.

When it did appear, it was more the 5 times the amount I had submitted. I managed to cancel some of it, but £117 was matched.

I have no idea why or what mechanism in the communication between Betfair and my software caused that to happen when there was the delay but I'm certain it wasn't anything I had done.

It's all in the past now and, touch wood, I haven't been suffering from delays over the past few days. So hopefully, it was a one off.

Cheers for popping by.