Boredom - A Dangerous State Of Mind

I had another tale of two halves today while trading the greyhounds. The morning session went much as they have done most of the week and I finished the session having comfortably managed my minimum target of £1/race.

I took an extended lunch break and didn't get back to my computer until after 3:00pm when I continued in exactly the same vein. Until, that is, I stopped for a cuppa. I've forgotten how many times I've told myself not to trade the race immediately after putting the kettle on, or any other form of distraction for that matter. I always seem to lose it.

I lost over £3. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but in terms of the profit I had built up that day, it was a chunk. Having been looking at topping £30, I was now down in the low £20s. For the next hour I struggled to get anywhere and when I lost a further £4 an hour or so later I stopped before I dropped into the teens.

I hadn't intended to trade in the evening, but sometimes is difficult not to. Particularly when there's nothing on the TV and I was desperately trying to avoid doing the shopping. The boredom factor can be dangerous.

Trying to trade the evening races on a Friday is, as I've found in the past, a frustrating experience with a severe lack of money. I guess everyone and their dog is out spending their weeks winnings then. With so little happening, boredom can set in and mistakes are easily made. Fortunately, no big screw ups tonight, but I didn't really get anywhere.

So frustrated was I that I committed a heinous crime. I ventured into the horse win markets at Wolverhampton. I gave myself the fright of my life in the 7:50 where, surprise surprise, the market reversed suddenly as soon as I'd entered my bet. Fortunately, I managed to eventually escape with a profit of 47 pence. :-)

I returned to the dogs, but once again, the boredom factor sent me off in the direction of Wolverhampton and the 8:20 where, thankfully, I had no trouble getting a profit of £4.

This seemed to spur me on as 20 mins later, I won £5 on the dogs and suddenly my day was looking that much healthier. I tried a few more dog races but didn't get anywhere so gave up just after 9:00pm.

I traded 48 greyhound markets today for an overall profit of £26.83. I lost 9 of those races at a cost of £14.92 - disappointing, but not disastrous with todays profit taking me past my minimum monthly target of £400. Everything else this month is just a bonus.

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