Experimental Start To The Month

I decided to sacrifice my dog trading today in order to continue my practice of the correct score markets. That doesn't mean I ignored the greyhounds completely. I did manage an hour first thing though things weren't particularly great. However, I did at least pick up a fe quid for my troubles.

There were plenty of in-play matches to get stuck into this afternoon and I had a number of ideas I wanted to try.

First up was the Newcastle v Sunderland match. This went according to plan until midway through the second have when I completely lost the plot and my train of thought. In the end, I escaped with a loss of £1.53 having had a liability of £37 at one stage.

The Liverpool v Chelsea match was next and this went much better, and I was all green by half time, albeit unevenly spread. I spent a bit of the second half trying to balance things out, but, as you can see from the screen shot below, I wasn't entirely successful. :-)

I took myself off to Italy in the evening for the match between Lazio and AC Milan. Again, I experimented with a different plan which all went to cock as soon as AC Milan scored. The problem was, being unfamiliar with how this market moves, I was taken by surprise how much the larger scores came in after the first goal. I hadn't covered these and as a result, I was left with no money to play with.

At one stage I was looking at a £42 liability, but I managed to reduce that to a loss of £6.38. Needless to say, I doubt that I'll be trying that idea again unless I cover myself a bit better than I did.

So a successful day in terms of education. I certainly learned a lot, even though my profit for the day could hardly buy 2 litres of milk.


Drifter said...


Days like this can set you up nicely for the future. A day where you don't loose any money and learn a lot has got to be a good day.

Well Done on January. you are now making a consistent profit every month. I hope I can follow your example.


Alistair said...

Very true Drifter. Always good to be learning while not losing.

Thanks for the wishes.