February Summary

Today being a Saturday, I stuck with my new regime and avoided the trading as much as possible. Indeed, I only traded two greyhound races in the evening with a spot of free-bet matching of the horses in the afternoon.

Once again, my Betfair P&L for the day gives a false impression with all the runners in the 6 races I tried losing. As a result, my Betfair account was boosted more than £300. Looks good, but I also lost £300 over at Bet365.

For those that are interested, here's the figures for the rolling free-bet matching I did this afternoon showing my profit of just under £25.

Today's profit sees me breaking through £500 for the month of February which I'm a little disappointed with given the previous two months.

Listed below are the totals for each market/sport I got involved in throughout the month:

Greyhounds... £530.29
Soccer... -£56.64
Horses... £24.85
Rugby Union... £2.87

As expected, the greyhounds continue to fly the flag. Hardly surprising since I concentrate the vast majority of my efforts in that direction. This will continue to be the case though I intend to start exploring other markets. Indeed, I have already begun to do just that.

The soccer side of things remains a disappointment. I had started to trade the correct score markets until I lost £28 one night and I haven't looked at it since. My problem continues to be my opening position. I almost always get it wrong. If I got it right, I probably wouldn't trade the correct scores anyway and concentrate on the various over/unders markets.

The rest of the losses were made up of straight £5 bets and another loss of £7 in the correct score markets.

Clearly, soccer isn't working for me but I will persevere with it for now. I obviously haven't found an edge there and will keep looking - assuming there is one to find.

I'm slowly starting to look at the horse markets again, though virtually all of that profit was today's bet matching efforts on the Bet365 CH4 4/1+ offers. I have been trying the win markets again in the evenings only, but I may resort to the place markets which is what originally got me going in the first place.

Hopefully, come the end of this March, I'll be able to report that the nags are contributing a bit more than they currently are - as long as it isn't at the expense of my greyhound trading profits I'll be happy.

That's it for another month. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.


Iranian Giraffe said...

Another £500 to add to the bank this month very nice. love the look of the super duper looking spreadsheet. Shame you couldn't find a winner on the horses today would of done your Betfair bank the world of good (well bad but you get what I mean). 1 way to fix that is to do my matched selections lol as you mentioned I do seem to pick winners maybe I should just back them lol, seriously though take a look at Ladbrokes on Sat for there offer as it's pretty much the same as Bet365 but better (lower odds,freebet can be used upto a week later not the next feature race etc) and you can bet on more than 1 horse in the race and if 1 wins you still get the free bet so you cut your liability down as well.
Todays matched betting has left me £80 down on Betfair but I've got 2x£100 bets to be used on Ladbrokes so happy days.


Rob The Builder said...

It's a hard pill to swallow, but do you think you might be best sticking to what you're succesful at - the greyhounds? With a stake increase, you may be able to consistently turn over £1k a month, without the risk of losing it elsewhere.

It's tough when there seem to be so many opportunities, but your monthly stats seem to tell a tale.

PhilipH said...

Hi Al,
I had a real "Tower Bridge" day today, going down from £30-is to £14-ish and then back up to £30-ish, so no profit but a lot of luck in the end.

I started the day by placing 4 lay bets on the 1.35 Nby, 2.05nby and a couple of other early tv races. I used Betdaq's auto offset system using just "1-tick" to place back bets as and when the market allowed. 3 bets were backed ok for a tiny profit, but the 4th bet did not work out and the horse I'd laid prior to racing won, thus giving me a loss and losing far more than the 3 tiny successful "trades". I was experimenting with the software.

I had a bit of luck later on, as my small bank was dwindling, as I placed a £2 bet on Leslingtaylor at 7s. I had tried to back it at a bigger price by somehow I got the 7 shot "in play". I was happy enough, but could have been happier had I placed it at the pre-play price!

Later this evening I had a look at Betdaq's Greyhound market! Huh .. what a poor choice they have. Sittingbourne, Sunderland and Monmore was all they offered. And even these three meetings went no further than about 9.30-ish! I won about £10 by just laying the favs for either £1 or £2, and just having a £1 win bet on one race (which won at about 6-4 from memory). Obviously, this was not "trading", but I was just testing whether laying the favs at dogs was worth it. Seems it is, from tonight's efforts.

I think that in order to make it worthwhile trading the horses you need to have a largish bank so that you can place £50 bets on the first two in the market, otherwise it will be a long slow slog for pennies. Just my opinion, probably wrong, but there you go.


Alistair said...

Mike: As I said, you certainly seem to have the knack of picking the winners.

I must remember to look at Ladbrokes offer next Sat. It would certainly be easier matching at 4.0-5.0 rather than having to take 7.00 and above. Having said that, I had some pretty small spreads today and 'Power King' getting matched in-running was an added bonus.

It might be worth looking at using Betmate for doing the laying. Though their 3% commission might be wasted by an increased spread, at least there would be no premium charge issues.

Rob: I doubt that I could increase my stake that much on the dogs and still reliably get matched. There just isn't the liquidity.

Also, to make £500/month on the greyhounds, I pretty much have to trade them 7-10 hours per day, 6 days per week. So, from an hourly rate point of view, it's not great.

I think it is important not to have all one's egg in the same basket. By learning a variety of markets I would hope to be able to go wear the money is and maximise my potential at any given time of the day.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Drifter said...

Another good month Alistair. Keep up the good work and in another year your profits could be huge.

Good to see you avoiding trading on a Saturday if you normally don't do well. I think I might need to do this with Horse Racing.


Alistair said...

Hi Phil, you're right in that trading for pennies is a long hard slog. This is where your will to succeed is tested the hardest. Spending long hours for little financial reward can be very demoralising. It's got to be done though as you have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

Think of it as your apprenticeship where the good wages don't come until you're qualified.

Yesterday was a lovely relaxing day Drifter. The matched betting took an elapsed time of around 80 mins, but I only spent around 20 mins actually doing it in order to earn £25.

I wish I could get that hourly rate all the time.

Instead of trading, I spent 3 hours cleaning the kitchen. I bet it won't take my kids anywhere near that long to turn it into a bomb site once more.

Cheers guys