Good, Bad And Indifferent

Yet another day I can walk away from with no small amount of disappointment, yet if you'd said at the beginning of the day I'd definitely come away with £26, I would have been happy.

My trading in the dog markets is so variable throughout the day, it can be frustrating at times. Very rarely do I finish a day totally satisfied. Splitting each day into morning, afternoon and evening sessions, there's always one which lets me down.

Today, I started off really well, making profitable trade after profitable trade. Come lunchtime, I'd been involved in 21 races, earned myself £21 and only lost one race (which was annoying in itself).

After lunch, I couldn't get going. Every time I threatened to get myself past the £21 mark, I lost. At one point, I was sitting on £16 profit fro the day. Mid way through the afternoon I took a break and didn't return until 5:00pm. I was still making mistakes, but at least I was edging forward. I stopped for dinner a few pence shy of £30. A pretty indifferent performance, but at least it was progress.

The evening session was just bad.

I wanted to at least get into the 30s, but preferably edge towards £40 before the football came on as I was planning to trade the Luton v Brighton match. I was doing OK when I was caught twice in the 7:30 and lost £3.67 and two races later I lost nearly £6.

I then set about getting myself back up to £30 but I found the same problem has I had earlier. As soon as I got close, I'd suffer a setback. I was too busy concentrating on the dogs, that I missed the start of the football, so I didn't get involved and carried on with the mutts. However, once I had another setback that dropped me to £26, I gave up.

I traded a total of 63 races today, so today's result is very disappointing. I lost 14 of those races at a cost of £26.35, which is utter dross.

I had intended to go skiing tomorrow, but the weather ain't looking too great. So I'll put that off until Thursday, assuming there's still snow left, and carry on trading instead.


kenny said...

Skiing after trading 63 races - Amazing!
I don't know where you get your stamina from, as I'm usually completely wiped out after trading less than half that amount of races!

Keep up the blog mate, it's a refreshing burst of reality.

Alistair said...

Hi Kenny,

Today was a big disappointment. I had intended to go up North with my daughter. Got all the stuff packed last night, ready for an early 6pm departure, went to get petrol before going to bed and discovered my headlights were dead.

Couldn't go until I got that fixed. Annoying, as the snow is quickly disappearing and my daughter still hasn't had a chance to use all this ski gear I got her for her Christmas.

Still, I had a good day trading today instead, so all was not lost