I Think I'll Pack It In

On a Saturday anyway.

After yet another poor Saturday in a long line of poor Saturdays, I think I should take that day of the week off. I don't know why I always perform so poorly on those days. There really isn't any point in continually wasting much of the day for so little reward. £2 in the case of yesterday.

Today was a totally different matter. I traded steadily throughout the day, with only an hour long spell in the afternoon letting me down and slowing my progress. Still, I managed to add another £30 to the pot to round off what has been an extremely disappointing week.

Fortunately, Friday and today showed some promise and hopefully I've weathered this particular little storm in my trading. It's not long until my anniversary, so I'd like to try and pick things up a bit in the next week and see that landmark day arrive in style.

Getting ready for the big crash and burn from me then... ;-)


Rob The Builder said...


I have spent plenty of time head-scratching re my own Saturday performances in the past.

Basically, the larger amount of opportunities tend to mean a run of successes, and I have often been carried away with my 'invincibility', losing focus and subsequently making errors.

Have found it better to limit the amount of bets I place. Yes, I miss opportunities, but feel in control rather than the sport controlling me.

Good luck.

PhilipH said...

I am "tinkering" on Betdaq, trying my hand at this trading lark. I made £3 (before 5% commission) yesterday when Dansimar won. I backed at 11 and laid at 8 and the nag duly obliged. However, it does seem to take up a heck of a lot of time - so I guess one has to treat it as "work" in order to make it worthwhile. My other "trades" all ended with no profit or loss as the selections did not win. Obviously I have a mountain to climb!

I have just set up the free version of Betdaq Angel and I'm now on a new learning curve, trying to decide if it is worth the effort. It seems pretty good to my "beginner's eyes" and I shall persevere.

Presumably most "traders" use some form of software to carry out their trades ... or am I wrong?

Cheers, Phil

PhilipH said...

6 P.M. After a dreadful day on Betdaq I have nothing but admiration for those who can play this concentrated game day in, day out. I do not think it is my bag, and will simply stick to my "fun" punts and give up trying to earn a bob or two by trading.

I think my mindset is all wrong. I cannot get rid of my normal way of looking at a race. The trainer, jockey and my own thoughts on who will win. This is, as I've now discovered, completely useless for trading purposes on the nags. So, I shall forgo the dubious pleasure of scrimping and scraping the odds and just stick to my "hobby horse" fun stuff.

I shall still keep an eye on your blog each day. Cheers, Phil.

Alistair said...

Hi Rob,

I'm not sure what my problem is with Saturdays. Certainly the sheer volume of sporting events can be a distraction and I find it difficult to focus enough on any one in particular.

If I ever manage to get to grips with trading soccer then Saturdays would be good days to do it. for now, I think I'll just set aside those days for doing the housework.

Who am I kidding?


Alistair said...


It's certainly true, trading, and in particular, pre-race trading isn't for everyone. As I've said before, I struggle pre-race trading the horse markets, so you're far from being alone.

A few observations if I may be so bold.

1. It can take months of repeated practice to learn how the markets move - with no guarantee of success. I don't think you've given it enough time. However, if you don't like what you're doing in the short space of time you've tried then fine. Stop.

2. You obviously do your own bit of form study. In my view, such study is pointless if trading the pre-race markets. However, you may want to apply your form study to in-running hedging. Find a horse that you think will shorten in price during the race and as it does so, hedge to guarantee a profit.

3. Many, many people can trade pre-race. That doesn't necessarily mean they cannot trade. It may simply be that that style of trading is not for them and some other sport may be suitable. You can easily look into that while you carry on with your "hobby horse fun stuff".

Anyway, food for thought.

All the best with your punting.


PhilipH said...

Thanks Alistair. I guess it is my gut reaction that trading is beyond me after yesterday, but there is a deal of satisfaction when one hits the right button and a small trade comes off OK.

I will dip into it again, but not today. It's a good way to keep the old grey cells working and THAT cannot be a bad thing!

BTW, do you use something akin to BetAngel? Or do you just use the main BF screen?


Alistair said...

hi Phil,

I use BinarySoft BDI when trading the pre-race markets. The BF or BD interfaces simply aren't quick enough for fast paced markets.

I use their webite interfaces when trading (and I use that term loosely) soccer.

Unfortunately BDI is no longer available.


PhilipH said...

Thank you.