Playing Nursemaid Again

My daughter was off school again today so I still haven't managed to do any proper work.

Trading was a mixed bag today. The morning greyhound session proved to be difficult in that I couldn't seem to build up momentum. In the end, by the time I stopped for lunch at 2:00, I only had a fiver for my efforts.

After lunch, everything clicked in the afternoon session, and by the time I stopped to make dinner at 6:00 I had built up a profit of £43. That was a very enjoyable session as you can imagine and I put in quite a few excellent trades. I got a little sloppy towards the end, but I'm very happy with that return.

I added another £5 or so in the evening before I turned my attention to the football. I had though about doing the correct score market in the Ajax v Heracles match. The market clearly thought that someone (and judging by the stats that meant Ajax) would score 4 or more. The 'Any Unquoted' scoreline was sitting at 2.8. Indeed, looking at the graph, some lucky sod had managed to lay at 1.74.

This to me was a ridiculous price and I seriously thought about laying it but I foolishly put myself off it and opted for the Burnley v WBA instead. Oh how I rue that decision.

Trading during the first half, I had nice greens on all but 3 of the score lines. I should have left it at that and taken stock, but I carried on tinkering and only made it worse. Then the 1st goal was scored and it put me in an awkward position where I was fighting a rearguard action until the final whistle. How I managed to get away with a loss of just under £8, I'll never know.

I'm still not finding the best way to do these correct scores. I seem to change my technique every time I try it. I'll carry on trying to crack it, but I need a more structured plan before I launch myself in there. I have a few ideas so time will tell.

As long as I've got the dogs to bring in the cash, it is worth losing a bit of it trying to get to grips with a new market.

I've managed to rope my ex-wife into looking after our daughter tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be off to earn some proper money. Only evening trading for me then and a decision between greyhounds and soccer.

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