A Relaxing Break?

My trading has been so poor recently, and the snow conditions up North so good, I felt no qualms missing trading Tuesday evening and yesterday as I headed for the slopes. I met up with a friend in Aberfeldy on Tuesday evening and headed cross country to Glenshee first thing in the morning.

Fabulous conditions. The best I've ever seen in Scotland since I took up skiing when I turned 40 back in 2002. Clear blue skies, little wind and perfect snow.

It's at times like these that I hate getting old. Well, not so much my advancing years but the various ailments that seem to come with it. My gammy knees took a real beating yesterday, but it was a price worth paying. I just need to give myself a week to recover before going back up. LOL.

Back on the trading trail today probably, assuming Betfair ever comes back online. I must exercise caution though, as should everyone else, as strange things are known to happen after Betfair does an 'upgrade'.

Good luck today if you get involved.


Anthony said...

I'm jealous Alistair! I love skiing but we don't even have any slopes in Liverpool and I can't get away this year due to saving for a deposit for a house. Hope you enjoyed it.

Alistair said...

Get yourself up North Anthony. The snow is excellent at the moment and, being Scotland, there's no telling how long it will last.

Next week it will be very busy though as most of the Scottish schools are on holiday. I'll be taking my daughter up some time next week, so a very early start for us.