Squeaky Bum And Twitchy Finger

Monday is normally the one day of the week I manage to get out of the house and visit a client, rather than working from home. Today was called off due to my daughter having a major bout of skiveritus - well, a cold anyway.

Still, I thought that I'd manage to get a full days worth of trading in - until I saw the greyhound card. The weather had caused the cancellation of one meeting in the morning and one in the afternoon. I seriously thought about leaving it.

I'm glad I didn't as the markets were excellent and there was plenty of time between races to collect one's thoughts. Indeed, it was possible to trade some of the races 10 minutes or so before the off. Something unheard off in all but the televised greyhound meetings.

So come the end of the morning session, I'd only done 12 races at Sheffield, but earned more than £12. As I've mentioned before, I'm more than happy with £1/race.

The afternoon session continued in the same vein. In the second at Monmore, I found myself with a greened up profit of £3.50 as the off approached. I was listening to WH Radio as usual and, based on the commentary I went in for another nibble only for the market to be suspended before my closing trade was taken.

It was at this point that the commentator informed his listeners that he'd lost pictures at Monmore earlier. Thanks for telling me! So, not only did I have an £80 liability on one dog, I had to tighten my buttocks for longer than usual because there wasn't any commentary.

I've come to accept being caught by the jump as an occupational hazard, particularly when I sail so close to the off. As I've mentioned in the past, I believe these things will likely balance themselves out over time and that was the case today. The dog wasn't in the frame and I won over £37 which made up a bit for losing £86 the last time I got caught.

By the end of the afternoon session, I had amassed over £65 in 25 races thanks to that lucky break. Even discounting that race, I was still over £1/race so I have to be very satisfied with my trading today. This wasn't the case in the evening though.

Actually, with my daughter feeling sorry for herself, I spent much of the evening with her and didn't intend to do any trading. I relented after 8:00 and thought I'd grab the last hour of the greyhound card.

I carried on where I'd left off, then in the 20:24 race at Yarmouth, I had, on reflection, a completely bizarre and comical moment.

I was looking at 'Banner Droopy' which was trading just under 6.00 when all the money waiting to me laid disappeared. In Binarysoft one right-clicks to center the ladder but on this occasion my index figure twitched and pressed the left mouse button. A purely reflex action and wholly unintentional. Unfortunately, my mouse was pointing to the active part of the ladder at the time and I wound up placing a lay bet at odds of 9.40.

Needless to say, this was gobbled up by some grateful soul before I could react and cancel it. I managed to get out at various odds, but it cost me £7.42. I can laugh at it now, but that mistake screwed up my concentration for the next race causing me to lose a further £3.

I managed to get myself back to over £60 before the close of play, but that little episode put a bit of a dampener on the evening. I shouldn't really complain since I had a lucky escape earlier in the day. I can though laugh about it and remember to keep the mouse well away from the active parts of the ladder.

No football trading for me today - though the Bradford match which I was initially looking at was postponed in any event.

I'll need to make up time for my client sometime this week, but when will depend on how well my daughter feels, not to mention the weather. If I'm stuck at home again, I'll be happy if more horse races are canceled as the greyhound markets can only benefit.


PhilipH said...

Phew! What an up and down day. I wonder how good these twitchy times are for you, especially your blood pressure.

Any-old-whichway, that was a most profitable day's work. Congrats.

Regards, Phil.

Alistair said...

Cheers Phil,

As I've become more experienced, and successful, these roller coaster rides just wash off me like water off a duck's back.

I might get upset by a cock-up now and again, but I'm now able to put it behind me a lot quicker than I used to. I know that I'll be able to recover any losses pretty quickly, not forgetting the fact that I never use anywhere near my full bank.

Thanks for popping by.