A Staggering Loss?

Looks like it. I've certainly never before posted a daily P&L like this one.

Fortunately, all is not as it seems as the last 6 entries in that market list were part of a matched betting exercise I was doing on the Sky televised greyhound meeting at Swindon. With three of my picks winning, all the profit is sitting in my Bet365 account.

The following screen shot shows all the numbers as I was using my Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet in conjunction with the Bet365 offers.

This represents a remarkably easy profit of £24. If you are not making use of the televised greyhound and horse racing offers from Bet365, you really are missing out on this simple way of making money. I've even done the hard work for you by making my spreadsheet freely available.

Compare this profit to the £42 profit I made during the morning and afternoon greyhound sessions. I'm happy with the return for roughly 5-6 hours work, but it is draining and intense watching these numbers jump up and down the screen all day. By using the offers from Bet365, the bet matching provides a good return, for little stress and I urge you to make use of it if you do not already do so.

So despite the apparently large loss indicated above, I actually made a profit of £67 today. I've got to be happy with that. An added bonus is of course that with such a loss in my Betfair account, any premium charges will not apply. It will be interesting to see the figures for next week.


Iranian Giraffe said...

Hello fellow matched better, we did have a pretty decent return from the matched betting.
My Betfair bank is showing a loss of £900 today lol.
Including my 2 small horse racing matched bets my profit from the matched betting ended up around £80 and as I had a winner in the last I still have a £100 free bet to come (not bad for 2hrs so called work) and as an added bonus because of the big hit I have taken on Betfair I've no chance of being effected by the premium charge next week.
Before I used to work out the matched betting in my head and although it didn't take long, your spreadsheet (as well as the updates) have made it so much easier to do so again many thanks for that mate.
To all the people reading Ali's blog you should definatly look at doing the matched betting on the Bet365 offers as they are worth a fair few £ a month.

thanks again

Anthony said...

I'm glad you didn't give it up when you threatened Alistair. Your P&L is showing worthwhile money now. It doesn't matter how you earn it, just as long as it's a decent return. Very generous of you to advertise the matched betting and to provide a spreadsheet too. I must admit I haven't used it yet but should. I never seem to have time with work and trading. No wonder I never keep any stats!

Peter said...


Great blog!

I have added a link up at my new blog at www.thebettingpro.com

If you could send me a link back that would be much appreciated.


Alistair said...

Mike - thanks for the support. I'm glad the spreadsheet has made things easier for you - and thanks for the sparking the idea. We just need to encourage others to use it now.

Anthony - thanks for the comment. My monthly profit has become more 'stable' since I switched to the dogs and the extra money is most welcome in these difficult times. I wish I could master the horses though.

Pete - thanks for the link. You'll find a link to your blog on my links page.

Thanks for popping by chaps.