What Is It About Saturdays?

Regular readers will know of my aversion to Saturdays. I have repeatedly performed badly on Saturdays to such an extent that last week, if you remember, I talked about taking those days off from trading.

Later on in the week, after successfully doing some matched betting on the dogs, I took the decision to spend those afternoons bet matching the horses by working my way through the Bet365 Ch4 offers rather than do no trading at all.

I confess, I couldn't help myself this morning. I had to do a spot of greyhound trading - anything to keep me from doing the housework! I'm glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have had anything to show for today's exploits.

I spent a couple of hours this morning trading 17 dog races and picking up £17 profit along the way. I lost £2 over a couple of races but all in all, it was a pretty relaxed session.

I stopped at 1:00pm for lunch and to get myself organised for the main task in hand - the Bet365 matched betting on the CH4 races. This is where the Saturday 'voodoo' struck.

For anyone who has done this, or perhaps more importantly, anyone thinking about doing this, the key is to lay off at odds as close as possible (preferably less than) to the odds obtained for the back bet at Bet365. This makes sure that if and when you win and obtain a free bet, that freebie is used to make a profit rather than claw back some of the losses. I won't go into details here, as it will take too long and perhaps deserves an article in it's own right.

Sometimes, by going in early, you can find Bet365 odds at a higher value than those available to lay on Betfair. That's the ideal situation and should be snapped up as quickly as possible. Other times, one has to be patient and wait until the odds start to converge before entering the game.

Nothing though can legislate for what I did today in the opening qualifying race, the 2:05 at Kempton.

I add my eye on 'Dee Ee Williams' as its odds were the lowest that still qualified for Bet365's minimum odds requirement of 5.00. Unfortunately, the lay odds on Betfair at the time were 6.00 - the gap was too high.

However, 'Alfie Flits' looked promising in that the odds were starting to converge albeit a bit high around the 8.00 mark.

With no sign of 'Dee Ee Williams' converging, I went for 'Alfie', switched to Bet365 and placed my £30 bet only to realise after submitting my betslip that I'd backed the wrong horse! The curse of Saturday strikes again!

I had inadvertently - read stupidly and carelessly - backed 'Conflictofinterest' @ 8.50. Not necessarily a problem in itself until checking Betfair to see that the lay odds were 11.5!

Of course, I could have laid on Betfair to guarantee myself a loss that would be a bit less than the £30 liability I had on Bet365. I decided not to. By way of punishment, I felt if £30 was the price I had to pay to learn a lesson of concentration then so be it.

I waited to see if the odds on Betfair would drop pre-off and when they didn't, I placed a keep bet @ 8.4 and let the thing go in-running. Right from the off, the odds dropped to around 5.00 and I was immediately matched resulting in no loss and one lucky escape.

At that point, although I looked at the next couple of races, I decided to abandon the idea of match betting for the day and not push my luck any further. So I took the rest of the day off, secure in the knowledge that I'd learned another valuable lesson without having to pay for it and still have £17 in my pocket for today's efforts.

While on the subject of matched betting, it has been brought to my attention that Ladbrokes have now introduce a very similar offer to the Bet365 CH4 offer. I haven't had time to check it out myself, but this being the case, the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet can be used for that as well.

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