Another PC hit

I really need to consider switching to Betdaq/Betmate to do my matched betting of the Bet365 CH4 horse racing and greyhound offers. I seem to be almost incapable of finding winners. As a result, my Betfair account is getting a major boost which of course has a knock on effect with the premium charge. This in turn, is way out of proportion with the profit I'm actually making on these offers.

Last week's charge is a case in point.

I'll need to find some money first to fund my accounts on the other exchanges first though.

While on the subject of the Bet365 offers...

I'm coming round to the idea of not doing these at all, but trading them instead. Over the weeks and months since I first started doing them, I've been startled by the number of times that my pick has shortened on Betfair, usually after I've placed my lay! I can recall only one that has failed to shorten by at least 3 ticks prior to the off.

Indeed, I've recently taken to monitoring their performance in-play. All of them have shortened significantly in-running. Granted, I need to monitor a hell of a lot more than 2-3 weeks worth of racing, but it is certainly giving me food for thought.

I've primarily been concentrating on those races that are covered by the Bet365 offer. However, I've started to expand to other races, using the same selection criteria that I'd use on those offer races. I have to say, the results are extremely interesting. Very much early days though but worth further investigation.

So much to do, so little time.

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