Can't String Two Good Days Together

Since my last update on Saturday where I managed a decent profit, I seem to be struggling to put together a run of similar returns. Inconsistency seems to be the order of the day.

The greyhound racing on Sunday had me pulling my hair out - what's left of it. One of those days where, for every good trade, an equally bad one would follow. After 90 mins of trading blows, I stopped with not much more than £2 to show for my efforts.

Yet yesterday, after spending all day with a client I spent two and a half hours in the evening dog markets and made £30.

Today, was riddled with mistakes. I had every intention of spending the afternoon match betting the Bet365 CH4 offers at Cheltenham. Before hand, I spent some time in the dog markets from about 12:00, and was doing OK when I stopped for an early lunch so that I was ready for the big races to come.

There were a few dog races before the first horse race and the first I tried after lunch saw me lose virtually all of my gains.

I did the same after the horse racing was finished. Went back to the greyhound markets, then, having started to build a reasonable profit, I lost in all in the 5:47 where I kept misreading the market.

This was after a stupid mistake I made in the matched betting at Cheltenham. I'll do a full report on my matched betting of the Cheltenham Festival once it is over, but today, I wound up with a £4 loss after 4 races thanks to my own stupidity.

I had losers in the first two races so had a profit of £5.00. I then went with 'Wichita Linesman' in the 2:40, backing at 6.00 on Bet365 and laying at 6.20 on Betfair. I also stuck a £5 lay at odds of 2.00 to be taken in running. This would leave me with a net win liability of £42 and a running total of £37 in the event of a win.

As the race started, the latest betting scrolled across the screen and I mistakenly took this as the SP. It was saying odds for Wichita was 6.50 and, if it won, Bet365 would pay out at these odds. This would mean that my net win liability would be £17. with this in mind, I increased my lay @ 2.00 to £15. As you will know, Wichita dramatically swept through the field to win on the line.

However, the SP was 6.00, not the 6.50 I had mistakenly thought it was. This meant that my net win liability was £52 with my running total at £47. Even with a free bet on the next race, I was struggling to recover that loss.

In the next race, I went for 'Osana' at 11.0 to back, 12.0 to lay. This would win my £43 leaving me £4 down. Annoyingly, the lay odds dropped to 8.4 after I placed my lay bet. So thanks to that stupid mistake, I lost a fair bid in potential winnings.

It just wasn't my day. Thankfully, I didn't make the mistake of forgetting my Mum's 75th Birthday this morning so it wasn't all bad.

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