A Few Inches Do Matter

The start of a new month, and for all intents and purposes, a new trading year since I first started on 23rd Feb 2008.

Mad as a March hare is a topical phrase that could easily be applied to my trading today. I started off very well on the greyhounds and built up a pleasant £26 by the time the Carling cup final approached and all the money drained out of the markets. I only traded 26 races with just one loss of £2.71 so a profitable 3 hours.

With the liquidity disappearing fast I thought I'd go where some money would be and have another go at the horse markets, and almost immediately regretted my decision.

I managed to scrape a few pennies from the 2:50 at Lingfield, but when I then lost nearly £9 in the 3:00 at Musselburgh, I switched the computer off in disgust and consoled myself with a cuppa and no small amount of chocolate.

I returned again in time for the 4:20, where I lost another £2 at which point I left the nags alone. Stupid bloody sport anyway :-)

Over the past month or so, I have been struck by the number of football matches that I have been monitoring that have seen a very late goal. Of course, I have never had any money on them at the time. So, with 5 mins left in the Carling cup final and the score at 0-0, I place a lay bet on the 0-0 scoreline @ 1.08 for a liability of £5 in the hope of one of Man Utd famous last minute goals.

Only 60 seconds after my bet was matched, Ronaldo picks the ball up on the corner of the penalty box, cuts inside and lets loose with a left footed pile-driver... which thumps off the post and away. Bummer! Two or three inches to the left and I would have been £62.50 richer.

So my profit for the day has whittled down from £26 to £11.

I've been looking at the Lyon match this evening and at odds of 1.80, I believe they are value to beat Rennes at home. However, having already thrown away over half of today's profit, I'll leave it and keep my powder dry for another day.

Back in the saddle tomorrow evening.


leonthefixer said...

Hi Alistair - With regards to your horse racing trading, have you been recording your trading at all?

If not I would recommend you do as you can then go back over it and see where you actually went wrong rather than how you think you went wrong which can often be a big difference.

By watching videos of the markets you will slowly pick things up which I think will help massively.

Drop me a line if you need a hand with recording your trading or if I can be of any assistance in your trading.

Anonymous said...

Hi , sounds like you have a good system for the greyhounds , are you able to give me any tips ? as this is something i am very interested it, may your winning continue

Alistair said...

Hi Leon, no I don't bother recording my trading. To be honest, after a long day's trading I don't really have the time or enthusiasm for watching such recordings.

I've got a new plan anyway which I'll detail tomorrow.

Roger, take a look at the comments to the post, Walking A Fine Line

Thanks for the comments lads.


Anonymous said...

Alistair - I would recommend recording your trading and cutting back on the hours you spend actually trading to free up time to watch the videos. It will help you heaps in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alistair,
In a league game the correct price for a goal at start of 86th min is 4-1 (5.00) on Betfair,there's 8 mins to play, if 3 mins added time. You took a good price anyway.

PhilipH said...

Well, I've tried to trade and failed most dismally. I shall now definitely concede defeat and give up trying to build up a bank, having lost around £80 since I began this enticing, and interesting, experiment. I am not suited to this type of gambling, and I use the term advisedly in my case! It is still gambling imo.

I have nothing but admiration for all the successful traders out there and hope you all go on doing well. I have selected a good few winners in my time, for very small stakes - ranging from 25p to £2 in general. I get a huge buzz when one of my selections wins, against the odds. I am disappointed when I trade and get the market completely wrong and also when I get it right and get less than I would have done in my normal mug-punting mode.

Obviously I am totally unsuitable to be a trader so it's goodbye from this novice. I shall continue to have a go when C4 racing is on, but just backing my fancy at better odds than you get on a bookie site, like Willie Hill.

Carry on the good work Alistair, you certainly deserve to make a nice little bundle each month. It is hard work, imo, and thus it ought to repay you for all the time you invest in it.

Cheers, Phil

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comment Smokey. I thought it was worth a punt, given Man Utd apparent propensity for late goals. It so nearly came off. Worth trying for a lazy fiver anyway.

Sorry to hear you've given up the trading lark Phil. It's not for everyone, but at least you gave it a shot. All the best with your punting and thanks again for the comments you've made over the past 2 or 3 months.