Happy Anniversary

I've just realised that today is the Bet Your Life Sports Trading blog first anniversary. There's been quite a few posts in that time as well as enhancements and additions. Congratulations to anyone who has managed to wade through it all. I hope you're still awake.

Here's to the next year.


leonthefixer said...

Happy Birthday - here is to your second birthday and the £82.70 from the last few days of the month - good luck!


PhilipH said...

Tempus certainly fugits at a rate of knots! Keep going Alistair, it's most interesting and well written.


Ostlerstrading said...

Happy Birthday Alistair, congrats on getting this far as so many do fall by the wayside.

I am about to start out on my second attempt at this most difficult game and like you I am hoping to chart my high and lows on a blog. If you could add my blog to your list then it would be greatly appreciated.

Here's hoping that this time next year, I'll be approaching my first birthday.

Keep smilin'


Alistair said...

Many thanks for the comments guys.

Ostler, good luck with your trading and the blog. I've added a link to your blog on my links page.