Mother Focus

My, it's a long time since I heard that progressive rock classic!

I lost focus today when trading the horses and it cost me a nice return. I continued with my experiments in the horse win markets but had a 3 race spell at the end of the two hour session where I just forgot what I was trying to do and lapsed into scalping mode and got caught each time.

It all kicked off when my daughter distracted me with her homework. "Cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them". I lost £2.42, a rather nasty £10.15 (having been £6 in profit on that race) followed by another poor £5.76. It's all your fault so there'll be no pocket money for you this week young lady. LOL!

I had had an earlier loss of £5.18 as well so at that point I felt it wise to stop while I still had some profit left.

I made silly mistakes, not least of which was going into a longer priced runner with too much money. I had no problem getting matched, but great difficulty getting out again for anything other than a loss. Lesson learned there.

I've only been trying to implement this particular selection method/trading plan for a few days so the fact that I'm managing to achieve a profit while learning the ropes can only be a good thing. Today's £6.43 brings the 'Back to Basics' bank to £92.36.

To complete the rather tenuous link in the title, having stopped just after 4pm, I played the dutiful son and went off to visit my mother. So no more trading for me today.

While today was slightly disappointing it's been a good week all in all, having added £273 to the pot. At the risk of tempting fate, another one like that and I'll break the £1000 mark in a month for the first time.

Fingers crossed.


PhilipH said...

Confession time. A couple of days ago I made what must have been the biggest and stupidest blunder in betting exchange history.

I went first to Willie Hill to see what price Si Bien was: 28-1. I had seen it on Betdaq to lay at half that price! So, I had £5 win with Hills and £5 lay on Betdaq at about 14. Brilliant, thought I. Cannot lose! Until I noticed I had inadvertantly gone to the PLACE market on Betdaq. It was really trading at about 48 or so on the win market! Aaarrgghhhh.

Talk about up the proverbial creek. I then listened to this nag leading by 6 or 7 lengths for most of the way, and I was bricking it. Luckily it faded in the last couple of furlongs. Surely this must cap any other trading error in history!


Alistair said...

We've all done daft things like that Phil.

The old adage of something being to good to be true applies to trading as well.