The Problem With Matched Betting

Or more accurately, the problem with matched betting on Betfair, is that winning bets on the Betfair side can really screw your premium charge.

The matched betting I did on the Bet365 horse offers on Saturday is a case in point. Every one of them failed to win resulting in my Betfair account being boosted by a fraction under £325. Of course, I lost £300 on Bet365.

The effect on my premium charge is plain to see.

Over recent weeks when I've been posting my premium charge, the highest it has been is £25. Now, because of the artificially high 'profit' on Betfair for last week, my premium charge is £75!

So clearly, unless a winner, or a number of winners, can be found the free-bet matching can actually cost significantly more in premium charges than the actual 'real' profit it achieves.

Worth keeping in mind and certainly reason to lay these bets off on Betdaq or elsewhere. However, that old problem of liquidity may well rear its ugly head.


Cassini said...

Arbs like those will tend to balance out over time, and actually be beneficial to your Premium Charge. Arbing is one of the strategies I use to reduce mine. Good luck.

Alistair said...

That's good to know Cassini. I haven't been doing it long enough to find out.

Thanks for the feedback.