Rolling Free-Bet Matching - Version 3.50

There's a new update available to the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet. I had hoped to get this out before last night's Q&A session, but unfortunately didn't get around to it until today.

The functionality is exactly the same in terms of the number crunching but I changed the layout and added some more facilities including:

1. The ability to record event date, event title and the runner concerned. I've provided this so that users who wish to keep a complete record of their free-bet matching progress can do so by copying each bet data and pasting it into a separate spreadsheet.

2. The IR Lay Stake, IR Lay Odds and IR Lay Liability columns have been renamed to emphasise that these options aren't just for use in-running.

3. The Net Liability column has been renamed to Net Win Liability to emphasis that these figures are those that will be realised in the event of the runner winning it's race.

4. The Settings table has been repositioned so that it is visible while working in the main betting table.

5. The bookmaker and exchange account running totals will now change to a white font on a red background when their values fall below a certain amount thereby providing a visual warning that they may need to be topped up. In the case of the bookmaker account, it changes when it falls to the same value of the back stake or below. The exchange total changes when it falls below 1/3rd of the exchange account value.

The new spreadsheet is available for download now and replaces all previous versions.


Sam said...


I've been watching your trading videos on YouTube for the past couple of days, and they have certainly been interesting! That rabbit hole led me to your blog and I have tried to download your excel spreadsheet for the bet365 CH4 offer, but the link doesn't seem to exist. Is the software still available, and if so, can you direct me to the appropriate place.

Thanks. Keep it up

Bet Your Life Sports Trading said...

Hi Sam,

I didn't think anyone used that spreadsheet anymore. The link hasn't been active for some time but you can use this link to download the most recent version, v4.0

This is a temporary location hosted on my now closed business site and will disappear when the domain name expires.