The Sign Of The Goat

I didn't post last night, as I was so damned annoyed with myself. I certainly lived up to my Zodiac sign of Capricorn - The sign of the goat.

Having won nearly £60 on the dogs, I got caught in the 8:51 at Sittingbourne and promptly lost £9.24. Fortunately, I got two thirds of that back over the next two races, at which point I decided to quit. I said my goodbyes to the guys in the chat room, closed down my browser, then had a change of mind and thought I'd do one more... and promptly lost £15!

I was trading the favourite, 'Dubai Divine' in the 9:14 at Newcastle and had a reasonable profit. I went in for some more and the market swept through me with a large amount taking the odds out from 3.00ish to 3.55 and showed now signs of moving. With only seconds left, I managed to get out for a £15 loss. Of course, the damn thing went on to win.

The horses didn't fare any better with a near £14 loss. I'm beginning to think that my success earlier in the week was nothing more than a flash in the pan. That's the 'Back to Basics' bank now down to £72 from the lofty heights of £111. A loss of 35% in two days.

A £26 profit on the day, but not what I would put down as my greatest performance. Baaaa!


PhilipH said...

Bad luck Ali. The sudden swing like the one you experienced is quite unnerving. I nearly lost my £10 stake on a favourite at Wolver last night. I laid first but left it rather late and the race was OFF. My blood pressure soared as I waited to place a back bet in order to retrieve the situation and fortunately for me I was lucky enough to get it green - and the horse lost. I was very relieved to have got out of the situation and the fact that I would have won a tenner anyway did not bother me one bit. I shall have to try to end any trade by about 30 seconds prior to the advertised off time as it is too stressful trying to do it during running.

However, I sometimes feel I can have a small "punt" during running as I watch the race via the in-play odds! OK, that's just a flutter but it can still be a bit of fun with no stress.

Cheers, Phil.

PS - John T (The Gambler) has posted my comment about my BF dispute. What a shower their so-called customer services are!

Anthony said...

Bad luck lads. I lost £110 in 1 and a half days (I've given up now) through being crap at it after 5 years. That's using stakes of between £100 and £200. Makes you wonder why you bother.