A Successful Day

I knew today was going to be a busy one as I intended to do some matched betting during the Sky televised greyhound meeting this evening. Prior to that, I had arranged a Q&A session to be held in the chat room to discuss the use of the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet I've developed over recent months. In addition, I had to find some time to actually do some trading.

After clearing the decks I sat down in time for the morning session of the greyhounds. This went reasonably well, clocking up £20 before breaking for lunch.

The afternoon session wasn't so great as I kicked it off with a £5 loss which annoyed me. I eventually clawed it back and by the time I stopped for an early dinner, I'd managed to get £25 for the day. Not great, but certainly not bad either.

Just before 6:00 I went into the chat room to find a fair few there already. The intention was to hold a Q&A session, though it turned more into a lecture on my part :-)

There were 15 people in the room at one point so from that point of view the session was a success. More importantly though I was able to describe how to make full use of the spreadsheet to assist in the execution of the Bet365 offers that it is aimed at.

Hopefully everyone got out of it what they needed and the transcript, or most of it (a long story) is available here.

A few stayed behind afterwards as I, and others, used the spreadsheet during the Sky dogs meeting and relayed our figures to those present in the room.

My results are shown above and, as you can see, I only took part in 5 of the 8 races on the card. This was primarily due to the odds spread being too great on many of the races. This happens a lot with the televised dogs as there are often short priced favs which are too low to meet the 3.00 back requirements for Bet365.

Achieving nearly £14 for very little effort is pleasing enough but I have to say I am a little disappointed with the results as I failed to get the best odds available. This was specifically true in the second race where, with a free bet, I laid too early @ 5.10. If I'd waiting until much nearer the off I could have had 3.80.

If I'd been more patient, and confident that the odds would drop, my profit from the matched betting would have been some £20 greater. Not to worry. Any profit is good profit as they say.

I also bet matched one of the Bet365 horse races this afternoon, which netted £2.50 to add to the pot. This, combined with my various forays into the dog markets saw my monthly profit increase by £41.

Just let me end this post by thanking all those who attended the Q&A session in the chat room. First time I've used it for something like that and may very well do so again. Now that you know the chat room is there, feel free to pop in anytime and join in the discussions.

Until next time...


crotig said...

Thank you for your explanations of your dogs matched betting. So far I've only match bet the football on account offers but this looks like it could be profitable over time.

I have linked your blog to mine which I have just started and would appreciate you linking mine.


Blog name : Trading Life and Debt


Mtysocks said...

Hi Alistair. I have just finished reading your blog. Ive gone through every single post from the very start! (too much time on hands i think!) Anyway, it was very inspirimg to read about your trading journey. I only came across it as I was looking at trading myself. I have had a bit of a play yesterday (full day) on horses, and I found it very very hard work. I couldnt believe how much you have to concentrate. Anyway, I played in 26 races, and using just £2 stakes, I ended up getting £454.22 matched in total. I even ended the day on a £2.20 profit which I was well chuffed with! I just thought I'd share this as I got a bit excited with my profit! Regards MtySocks

Alistair said...

Hi crotig,

Glad I could be of service. Remember the spreadsheet can be used on both Bet365's dog AND horse offers. Just make sure you understand their T&Cs before starting.

I've also been told it can be used on a similar offer that Ladbrokes have on a Saturday, though I haven't had the opportunity to try it out as yet.

Depending on stake sizes etc, and assuming you most of the races on offer, you should be able to clear £200/month easily.

Thanks for the link. You find a link to your blog on the Links Page.

Myysocks, you certainly have too much time on your hands :-)

Well done on wading through that lot. Hopefully you will have gleaned some useful information and tips along the way.

The levels of concentration required to scalp the pre-race horse markets is indeed incredible. Even now, I still struggle to maintain focus at times. What's important is that you learn to recognise the signs and take a break before mistakes are made.

Easier said than done of course.

Thanks for taking the time to comment chaps.