Televised Greyhound Update

Just a quicky to let you know how the matched betting went on the greyhounds tonight.

I know I've went on about this before, but the Bet365 offers on both the greyhounds and the horses is money for old rope, candy from a baby, like.... well you get the drift. This evening was no different.

All pretty straight forward stuff and a very stress free way to pocket £30. The only awkward moment came in the race after I had a winner. The odds were rather poor, but I had to do it otherwise I would have lost my free bet.

In the end, I was forced to go for high odds, but got myself in a muddle as the lay odds kept changing, as well as having little money on them. I thought I'd overlaid by a huge amount, so had my fingers cross for a loser, but on checking the spreadsheet, and my Bet365.Betfair accounts, I hadn't. All I'd done was enter the wrong back odds in the sheet; 15.0 instead of 17.00 :-). Once I'd spotted that all was right with the world.

The odds in the last two races didn't look very inviting, so I stopped after the sixth race, happy with the evening's efforts.

Before the racing, I had another mini Q&A session where some new visitors appeared looking for advice. Read the transcript.

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